Meredith Rodefer

Meredith Rodefer is a freelance writer, dance teacher, avid reader and TV addict from Nashville, TN who lives in Iowa City, IA. 


Meredith has been a lover of stories for as long as she can remember. Whether they be oral stories, stories on pages or stories on screens, she hasn't been able to get enough. Because if only for an hour, it is fun for her to experience or feel someone else's story, someone else's life (fictional or not). TV dramas are just one of the many platforms for those stories. And she is happy to share those through her writing. 

Meredith has written for several online publications ranging from lifestyle blogging to hard news.


 Meredith received a Bachelor of Arts in English--Writing with a minor in journalism from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. 

Meredith Rodefer

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"I could dream about being Toni Morrison. Or I could do. At film school, I discovered an entirely new way of telling stories. A way that suited me. A way that brought me joy. A way that flipped this switch in my brain and changed the way I saw the world. Years later, I had dinner with Toni Morrison. All she wanted to talk about was Grey's Anatomy. That never would have happened if I hadn’t stopped dreaming of becoming her and gotten busy becoming myself."

-Shonda Rhimes, Dartmouth Commencement Speech 

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