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Question: Are there specific angel(s) I can call upon for my oldest daughter who is suffering from an eating disorder? We do use prayer all the time, but I know that we need all the spiritual help we can get. Thank you so much!.

Response from Eileen - Dear Marlo, All the heavenly host can assist us in everything. However, the Divine helper I would call on personally to help your daughter, and all children with learning and physical challenges, is the Archangel Metatron.

Metatron helps very sensitive children who have difficulties living in the heavy and chaotic energy we humans can create here on beautiful planet Earth. Highly evolved and old souls frequently struggle with these Earth energies during their childhood. These struggles can be exhibited as anger, trouble paying attention, rebelling, acting out, depression, substance abuse and many other ways. Along with feeling things very deeply they also are usually gifted in some form of extrasensory perception. For more information on extrasensory perception you can reference these articles from my prior column.

Children who strongly feel these turbulent Earth energies try to control their own inner world in an attempt to buffer themselves. There is a new term for these children called "Indigo" children. Although it is a recent term, Indigo children have been being born for a long time.

But there has been more of them born during recent decades to help foster change and help humanity evolve. Your daughter is one of those Indigo children. These children need a lot of emotional, physical and psychological support from those who love them. It is important to build their self esteem and self worth and to give them tools on how to live on this world with more ease.

Metatron can assist parents and children on finding these resources. More importantly, Metatron can assist with understanding who these children are and what special needs they may have.

Metatron is an action oriented angel. So it is of no surprise that he has a special connection to Indigo children as they are also action oriented. They are here on a mission. Metatron is the angel who led the children of Israel through the desert, and like them, he leads the children of our era who need to find their way. He helps Indigos and adults find their own power and to use it for the good of all. Metaron is also tasked with creating unity, with helping people know "truth of all things" within themselves and live it, and with raising up our institutions of education. These are all things high on the list of Indigos as well.

Indigo children tend to have an inner need to march to the beat of a different drummer. Much of how we have set things up here on Earth makes no sense to them and it upsets them. They don't see the need for labels, rules and institutions if it is not helpful and in Divine order. They carry the revolutionary spirit and are here to shake things up. Many Indigo children are also "Star Seeds" as my angel Alonya calls them and are very connected to Nature and animals.

When an Indigo acts tightly controlled and contained it means they picked up somewhere that expressing who they really are and how they really feel is not okay. As you can imagine, the restriction of a free spirit who has a mission to come here and change things can result in behaviors that are not productive to them. Indigo children can be prone to depression so teaching them early on that they have come here for a purpose and to stay true to themselves may be the inspirational lift they need as they navigate this world. Just think about it - these Indigo children love the planet and humanity so much that they are braving the energies here with their sensitive souls to create a more beautiful life for everyone. These children feel different so educating them on how truly special they are may help.

Metatron and my angel Alonya would like you and your daughter to know that every challenge we create, such as an eating disorder, is only a road block. When these road blocks are processed and resolved in a healthy way then they can be the catalyst for amazing personal discoveries that we can then share with the world. When fully supported by loved ones, mentors, healers and professionals I have seen people rise up from such things to live amazing lives.

Marlo, the subject of Indigo children is much larger than the scope of this column so I encourage you to seek out books and workshops on the subject. And if you feel it is right, take your daughter on this journey about Indigos.

Eileen Smith - Angel Intuitive

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