Metatron: Heaven's Top Recording Angel

Metatron Keeps Book of Life (Akashic Records) on People's Earthly Lives

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Archangel Metatron keeps heaven's official records about everything that happens on Earth in human beings' lives, believers say, writing it all down in a place that some believers call heaven's Book of Life and some believers call the Akashic records. Both names refer to the celestial record of all that has ever happened in the past, is happening in the present, and will happen in the future on Earth.

Enoch to Metatron, the Great Scribe

Metatron is unusual among angels because he began life as a human being (the Jewish prophet Enoch) and then became an angel after ascending to heaven, believers say. The Jerusalem Targum version of the Torah translates Genesis 5:24 as: "Enoch ascended into heaven through the Word of God, and God called him Metatron, the great scribe."

In his book The Enoch-Metatron Tradition, Andrei A. Orlov writes that Jewish apocryphal literature describes the prophet Enoch working as a scribe prior to his transformation into the angel Metatron: "The theme of Enoch-Metatron’s scribal functions became a prominent motif in the later rabbinic traditions, where ... the privilege of sitting beside God was accorded to Metatron alone by virtue of his character as a scribe, for he was granted permission as a scribe to sit and write down the merits of Israel."

Orlov continues: "The important aspect of the early portrayals of Enoch as a scribe is that they depict him in the capacity of both celestial and terrestrial scribe, as the one who not only records message from his heavenly guides, but also composes petitions at the request of the creatures from the lower realms ...

The celestial and terrestrial sides of Enoch’s duties as a scribe reveal the composite nature of this important role."

"Enoch was given wings and transformed into a great archangel named Metatron," writes Doreen Virtue in her book Archangels and Ascended Masters: A Guide to Working and Healing with Archangels and Ascended Masters.

"Since Enoch was a skilled and honest scribe upon Earth, he was given a similar job in heaven: to record everything that happened on Earth and keep it in the Akashic records (also known as the Book of Life). Enoch is in charge of recording and organizing this material."

Recording Every Thought and Action

Metatron is constantly at work recording every thought and action in human being's lives, as well as the history of how those thoughts and actions interact with each other in the universe, say believers. His staff of heavenly librarians is made up of angels from the powers angelic rank, whom the Creator has assigned to bear the conscience of every creature in the universe.

"Metatron is heaven’s secretary, who records the minutes of all celestial and earthly thoughts and behaviors for safekeeping in God’s archives," writes Belinda Joubert in her book AngelSense. She continues: "Metatron records everything we see, do, say and experience in life. This recording starts at conception."

In her book Metatron: Invoking the Angel of God's Presence, Rose Vanden Eynden writes: "One of Metatron’s most prominent roles is as the Angel of the Akashic Records. These records are the Universe’s energetic repository of all actions, thoughts, and information from the beginning of time.

They are accessible to all of us as spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body, and we can work with Metatron to help us access this information to better ourselves in our current life circumstances."

Accessing Higher Truth

Believers say that people can ask Metatron to help them spiritually access some of the information that his records contain, and that doing so can help them better understand who they are and inspire them to make choices that reflect God's best for them.

"Use Metatron’s vast knowledge to assist you to access your Higher Truth," writes Margaret Doner in her book Archangels Speak. "In meditation he will take you to the Akashic Records, where you will be able to access the highest vision of yourself. ... His energy is powerful, and if you contact him you must be ready to face the Truth of who you are."

In her book The Angel Blessings Kit, Revised Edition: Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration Kimberly Marooney writes: "Metatron supervises special archives called Akashic Records, where all of our thoughts and deeds are recorded upon an impressionable and highly sensitized screen of mental essence. Our attitudes perpetually create our current life experiences as well as our future. ... You are God’s thought, and you can connect with eternal intelligence in your creative thoughts. Call on Metatron to quicken your intellect and reveal all that imprisons you."

"Metatron teaches up to live upward," writes Joubert in AngelSense. "Only then can our Eternal Self fill our awareness, seeking to reunite in love and freedom. We always strive for perfection. To realize that we are imperfect, the more perfect we get. Our beliefs drive our thoughts and our thoughts drive our energy."

In her book The Angel Bible: The Definitive Guide to Angel Wisdom, Hazel Raven writes: "Only with guidance from higher level beings can we unlock the 'codes of light' from which the Akasha are formed. Even with the help of your higher self, guardian angel and Metatron, the 'light codes' will often be perceived by the human mind as symbolism or a library in which books or scrolls are stored. Yet, as we transcend the human mind, the codes of light will be downloaded into the Heart Chakra and DNA, where they will be decoded and stored as a higher form of 'intelligent energy', which will bring about personal evolution, clarity and guidance."


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