MGM Grand Poker Room Profile -- MGM Grand Las Vegas Poker Room

MGM Grand [Las Vegas]

MGM Grand Las Vegas Poker Room Overview:

The MGM Grand is one of the easiest to find poker rooms in a Vegas casino, and because of that, it's got a lot of new players sitting down and a very lively atmosphere. Even the local customers tend towards the fun side, and I always have a good time sitting at one of their 22 non-smoking tables. And the poker room is right next to a bar where they're dancing on the tables every hour, so a steady supply of players more interested in partying than playing well is usually readily available.

MGM Grand Poker Room Details:

The vast majority of tables at the MGM Grand spread Texas Hold'em, both no-limit and limit tables. The staff is super accomodating, and if you have enough people, will spread almost any poker game you can think of. It even offers Limit Hold'em at $3/6 and $4/8 with a kill pot, which I enjoy and didn't see elsewhere.

The room is big and has a much more open feel to it than most poker rooms. This and the friendly staff helps to keep the players coming in.

MGM Grand's Poker Tournaments:

The MGM grand poker room runs a number of daily, low buyin tournaments that still manage to haveĀ  decent structures. That is a rare thing in today's poker market and I hope it is rewarded with high turnouts.

The MGM Grand:

Their own web site has more info on the room, as well as special poker tournaments and events.