Michael Vick Hospitalized in Pit Bull Attack?

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As shared on Facebook, Feb. 7, 2014:

Michael Vick Hospitalized In Pit Bull Attack
Netlore Archive: Viral "news article" claims Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, who was jailed a few years ago on dogfighting charges, was hospitalized after being bitten by a pit bull.. Via Facebook

Description: Viral article / Satire
Circulating since: Jan. 2014
Status: FALSE (see details below)

Via EmpireSports.co, Jan. 27, 2014:

Michael Vick Hospitalized In Pit Bull Attack


Does Michael Vick believe in Karma?

Well if he didn’t before I’m sure he does now. Michael Vick was hospitalized in a pit bull attack in downtown Philadelphia this morning. When police investigated the scene they found at least 3 other pit bulls in cages although it didn’t appear that the dogs had been used for fighting.

While the police technically can’t charge Vick with dog-fighting (again), we feel he might have learned his lesson this time around. Apparently, one of the dogs got out of it’s cage and went on a rampage, hospitalizing 7 people including of course Michael Vick.

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Analysis: Pure fiction. This story was originally published on the satirical website Empire Sports, which specializes in lampooning well-known sports figures. There have been no reports in legitimate news sources of Michael Vick being attacked by a dog.

The spoof references Michael Vick's real-life troubles resulting from his involvement in dog fighting when he was with the Atlanta Falcons in 2007. Vick was indicted, pled guilty, and served 19 months in prison plus two months under house arrest.

Update: The same premise was used again in an almost identical hoax published on the fake news website NewsNerd.com in March 2014: "Michael Vick Attacked By Stray Pitbull in New Jersey."

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