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Microsoft FrontPage 2003
Microsoft FrontPage 2003. Image courtesy Microsoft

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Microsoft FrontPage has been discontinued in favor of Microsoft Expression Web.

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  • Microsoft FrontPage 2002

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Microsoft FrontPage is a text and WYSIWYG editor.

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  • Microsoft FrontPage 2003
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About Microsoft FrontPage:

FrontPage is one of the most popular Web page creation software programs available. It allows you to create a Web page just like you would a document in Microsoft Word. Plus it adds functionality such as project management, templates and wizards. Feature highlights: XML support, scripting support, full site management, advanced CSS support, built-in validator, database support, and international support as well as WYSIWYG and color coded XHTML editing.

Microsoft FrontPage Features:

  • HTML validator
  • Text editor
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Color coding
  • Tag completion
  • FTP and site manager
  • Extended search and replace
  • Edit multiple files
  • Link checker
  • Special characters support
  • ... and many more ...

Microsoft FrontPage Tutorials:

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