Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office for Windows Phones and Tablets

Top Office Software Picks with Similar Features and the Same Free Price Tag

Microsoft Office for Windows smartphones and tablets may come pre-installed, but it does not mean you have to stick with it as your mobile productivity solution.

This streamlined suite of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps is the most popular productivity solution for this mobile operating system. But it never hurts to check here a few alternatives so you can get more done while on the go!

Do you use other devices, too? Find alternatives to Microsoft Office for Android, iOS (iPhone or iPad), Windows, and Mac as well: Top 36 Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Windows Phone Interface
Microsoft Windows Phone Interface. (c) Courtesy of Microsoft

On this list, all 6 apps or online accounts come in a free option. Some are also available in a premium version with more features. 

You will also notice Microsoft's several free versions referenced on this linked list. Or, take a quick look at the following items on this list, for some piecemeal Office options that are free.  More »

For email, you may be interested in Microsoft's free webmail version of Outlook. More »

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Consider Popular Free Note Apps for Windows Phone

Microsoft OneNote is most likely free on your phone or can be downloaded along with the free mobile version of Office linked to in item 1 of this list. You may also want to consider the free version of Evernote or the streamlined but free online option, Google Keep.  

From blogging apps to news feed aggregators, you may be interested in some of these recommendations as well.  More »

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Looking Ahead: Microsoft Office for Windows Touch and Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft is bringing new touch-focused mobile apps that could affect how you get things done on a mobile tablet or smartphone. Get a look at the interface and previews here.