The Best Ways to Find Microsoft Office for Mac Key Codes

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Your original installation of Microsoft Office for Mac may have involved an authenticating product key code, a string of 25 letters and numbers with dashes.

Understandably, many people forget how they first installed the product, or Office may have already been installed on your computer when you purchased it.

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Either way, you may find yourself needing to uninstall then reinstall Office for Mac using that key code, which is all well and good unless you have lost or discarded it. If you are trying to relocate that key code, here are the best three ways to do so:

1. Double-Check That You Don’t Already Have One of These

  • Inside the Microsoft Office for Mac manual
  • The back of a card fastened to the product box
  • An email from either Microsoft or Digital River that contains the code (if you purchased from Microsoft Online Store)
  • A Certificate of Authenticity that may have been included with your computer or device, if Microsoft Office came pre-installed on it
  • If applicable, your company’s IT department, since they probably installed Office on your computer
  • An installation CD or DVD, or the case it came in

If this feels overwhelming, you can also follow this link to the Microsoft Office for Mac Key Code Help Site.

You should be able to find advice based on how you purchased our obtained the installation you have been using. Note that these solutions will likely be to check those places in the list above.

2. Use a Program to Find It on Your Computer

Try one of these Top 3 Free Software Key Code Locator Programs for Microsoft Office.

Solutions such as these may help you ferret your key code out of the encrypted record on your Mac. They may also require a purchase for all features.

Keep in mind, key code finders like these are third party solutions so you will need to download additional software, but this route may still save you some time.

3. Contact Microsoft

If all else fails, consider contacting Microsoft Support to see if your product key can be recovered. The company may need to issue you an entirely new card, which can be either simple or involved depending on the circumstances.

Note that for online purchases, you may also need to provide authentication of the Microsoft Account you used to purchase the software in question. Microsoft Accounts are the new sign-in replacing a number of previous sign-ins or id’s, including the Windows Live ID.

Why It Can Be Important to Uninstall Then Reinstall

The last thing you want to do is to make a mess of how Office works on your Mac system. For that reason, it matters how you go about this.

If you are reinstalling Office or other kinds of software, it’s a good habit to uninstall the original software first. That way, you give that new installation a fair chance to work correctly, hopefully saving you angst in the future.

Keep in mind that this process can take a few steps, so plan on spending some time on this. Hopefully, you won't run into issues, but if you do or if you want more specific advice and support, contact Microsoft.

Here is a general resource to guide you through this process: How to Uninstall Microsoft Office from Your Windows or Mac Desktop.

For more information on product key codes for other versions of Office, please refer back to the Where to Find Your Microsoft Office Product Key Code index page.

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