Learn Where to Find Your Microsoft Office Product Key Code

Unlock Your Installation of Microsoft Office for Windows or Mac

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A product key is a sequence of numbers that helps verify your Microsoft Office programs or software suite.

As with car keys or house keys, these product keys can be easily lost or misplaced. You may also need a software product key if the original was damaged for some reason.

Whatever the situation, here’s how to find that Microsoft Office key code for an installation or reinstallation.

What Does a Microsoft Office Key Code Look Like?

Key codes for software or hardware can vary in length.

For Microsoft Office, these codes are 25 alphanumeric characters displayed in 5-digit strings, each separated by dashes.


Now that you know what you’re looking for, you can find your key based on your Windows or Mac computer

Hopefully, this helps you locate your Microsoft Office product key as quickly as possible.

One More Place to Look If You Have Not Already

Microsoft has most likely sent your product key where you can search for it: your email.

Here is the exact description from Microsoft's site:

"Your product key was sent to you in email. The email should come from @microsoftstore.com. If you cannot find email from Microsoft store, the product key is listed in the Product Keys page of your Microsoft Store Account. You can also find them on your Purchase History page. You must sign in using your Microsoft Store account on the web site and then click on the purchase history to see the Product Key. Click Product Keys in your Account page to see the product keys for your downloadable software. In addition to viewing your product keys, you have the option to review your order details and download software from this page." 

Note that if you purchased Office through the Mac site or as an Academic version, you may need to search for some specific verbiage, as the email may be from a partner organization. Check the Microsoft site above. 

What About Patches or Service Packs?

On a related but slightly different note, since not all Microsoft Office users use automatic updates, you may be interested in how to download the current Microsoft Office Service Pack.

These represent Microsoft's system for keeping your office software programs and apps current. By applying these manual fixes, you can protect yourself and your team from incompatibility issues, security vulnerabilities, and other problems.

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