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Those who use the desktop version of Office or Word will find Microsoft Office Web Apps lacking. But, it isn't really designed to replace Office on the desktop. Rather, it works in tandem, giving you access to Word and your documents no matter where you are.

The Word Web App gives you a healthy set of features and an unprecedented amount of storage. Anyone looking for an online word processing solution should consider the Word Web App.

That's particularly true if you already use Microsoft Office on the desktop.

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  • Free Microsoft Word!
  • Similar in look and feel to the desktop version of Office
  • Microsoft Office Web Apps offers 25GB of storage
  • Integrates with Office 2010
  • Sharing documents is easy


  • Lack of integration with other Microsoft Office Web Apps
  • Limited feature set
  • Difficult to create documents from template
  • Documents can't be created on iPhone or iPad


  • The Office Web Apps include 25GB of storage. You can store all your documents for access anywhere.
  • The Word Web App offers a basic set of tools in a familiar package.
  • Documents can be uploaded or downloaded easily. They can even be opened in Office 2010 on the desktop with a few clicks.

Microsoft Word Online Review

There are many free Microsoft Word alternatives. But, why settle for an alternative when you can get Microsoft Word for free? Microsoft Web Apps is a free, online version of its popular Office suite.

It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Anyone can use the program--after signing in with a Microsoft Live ID. If you don't have one already, you can sign up for a free Live ID.

Most online word processing apps can't match the features of Word. And, the Microsoft Word Web App is no exception.

It includes a healthy set of tools. But, you won't find all the options available in the desktop version of the program. After all, you can't expect Microsoft to give away one of its biggest cash cows for free.

The program is fine for those who need to do light word processing work. For example, if you just need a program to write the occasional letter, the Word Web App is fine. It's also handy for those who want to work on their document anywhere or who want to share them with others. With your account, you get an impressive 25 gigabytes of storage. That should be enough storage space for anybody!

As you would expect from Microsoft, the Word Web App has a nice feel to it. It is surprisingly fast, and it resembles the desktop version of Word. That's nice for those who don't have time to learn how to find their way around a new program. Uploading and downloading documents is also easy. And, you can even opt to open a document directly in Word 2010.

Still, there are some areas where the Office Apps are lacking. It would have been nice to see more integration between the apps. One of Office's strongest suits is the ability to share data between programs. But that seems to be missing in the online apps.

Also, there is no easy way to use a template with the Word App, despite Microsoft's generous collection of free templates online.

But, the biggest drawback is the lack of support for the iPhone and iPad. It is possible to access and view your documents from your iPhone or iPad. But, you can't do any editing. With more and more people using iPhones and iPads, Microsoft can't afford to ignore these devices.

The Word Web App finally brings Microsoft Office to the cloud. It's a solid offering. And, if Microsoft addresses some of its shortcomings, the Office Web Apps could help Microsoft fend off its competitors.

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