Microsoft Word Shortcuts and Commands

Adding sources for your research paper.

There are many shortcuts for common functions in Microsoft Word. These shortcuts or commands can come in handy when typing a report or term paper.

It is a good idea to try some of these functions before you actually begin a project. Once you become familiar with the way they work, you may become hooked on shortcuts!

If the desired funtion involves a section of text (words you have typed) you will need to highlight the text before typing the command.

For instance, to BOLD a word or words you must highlight them first.

For other commands, you may simply need to place the cursor at a specific place. For instance, if you want to insert a footnote, you simply need to place the cursor in the relevant position.

Microsoft Word Commands

Bold: CTRL + B
Center a paragraph: CTRL + E
Copy: CTRL + C
Create a hanging indent: CTRL + T
Decrease the font size by 1 point: CTRL + [
Double-space lines: CTRL + 2
Hanging Indent: CTRL + T
Help: F1
Increase the font size by 1 point: CTRL + ]
Indent a paragraph from the left: CTRL + M
Indent: CTRL + M
Insert a footnote: ALT + CTRL + F
Insert an endnote: ALT + CTRL + D
Italic: CTRL + I
Justify a paragraph: CTRL + J
Left-align a paragraph: CTRL + L
Mark a table of contents entry: ALT + SHIFT + O
Mark an index entry: ALT + SHIFT + X
Page Break: CTRL + ENTER
Print: CTRL + P
Remove a paragraph indent from the left: CTRL + SHIFT + M
Remove paragraph formatting: CTRL + Q
Right-align a paragraph: CTRL + R
Save: CTRL + S
Select All: CTRL + A
Shrink Font One Point: CTRL + [
Single-space lines: CTRL + 1
To type a Subscript: CTRL + =
To type a Superscript: CTRL + SHIFT + =
Thesaurus: SHIFT + F7
Remove Hanging Indent: CTRL + SHIFT + T
Remove Indent: CTRL + SHIFT + M
Underline: CTRL + U
Undo: CTRL + Z

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