Middle School Science Fair Project Ideas

Science Fair Project Ideas from Readers

Middle school science fair projects may be ideas from parents or teachers that the student explores.
Middle school science fair projects may be ideas from parents or teachers that the student explores. Getty Images

It can be really hard to come up with a middle school science fair project idea. Sometimes it helps to see what others have done or to read project ideas. Have you done a middle school science fair project or do you have a good idea for a good middle school project? What's your project idea?

Ideas for Middle School Science Fair Projects

Following are ideas shared by other readers.

White Fish

When you leave a fish in the dark it will eventually turn white. Try it please. It really works!

— kittycat60

Burn Those Old Clothes

In the 7th grade I did an experiment on which fabric burns the fastest. I cut up old clothes into equal pieces and let fire do the rest of the work. Got 1st place even while having a partner who did nothing. I thought it was a pretty fun experiment.

— Dre

Bubble Gum

Test which bubble gum brand pops the biggest bubbles.

— guest

Rusty Nail

I did a science experiment on which types of nails rust the fastest. Try a nail in vinegar, water, or Pepsi.

— anonymoud

Crystal Race

I recorded how fast it took for crystals to grow using salt and sugar. I got fourth place, but the good thing was after they grew I got to eat the sugar crystals! (Do not eat the salt.)

— Doodlebug1111

Ants Be Gone

Last year in 6th grade I did a science fair project with my friends and we did WHICH HOUSEHOLD PRODUCT REPELS ANTS BETTER LEMON JUICE, POWDER, OR CINNAMON? We got second place in the school.

— Guest5

Best Foods to Seal Cracks

I did an experiment on what foods are the best to seal cracks. I tried common foods, like peanut butter, pudding, jello, and ice cream. I then let them dry and put water in the cup with the crack measured what food stopped the water best. Got an A somehow... so easy!

—Guest 6666666666

Caffeine and Plants

I watered 3 plants with caffeine and 3 with water. Record your results and make a graph to see which one dies faster. It's so easy!! I got an A+

— bqggrdxvv

LED Lights

I did a science project on L.E.D lights and I got 1st place! Do L.E.D lights affect electricity usage? I took a normal light and measured the amps (you want the least amount of amps) and then I took the L.E.D light and measured the amps. It was pretty cool and I got 1st place and an A+!

— mustache

Crayon Colors and Length of Lines

Does the color of a crayon affect how long of a line it makes? (Editor's note: If you use an entire crayon, this project could take a long time. One way to test this would be to mark equal, short distances on different colored crayons. Draw a line back and forth down a very large/long until you reach the mark on each color. Count the number of lines on the paper and see if they are the same for each crayon.)

— Sonic

Melting Candies Quickly

In 5th grade i did a project on which candies melt faster. All you have do is put different kind of candies (lollipop, Hershey, etc.) in hot boiling water and see which one melts the fastest. Also got 1st place!

— chiii say hello

Make a Volcano

Make a regular volcano but instead of baking soda use Mentos and pop. Watch your teachers be amazed.

— shay

When I was in 5th grade I did a project and won first place. It was a volcano and I used lots of research, which held it up well and helped me with the winnings. I loved it when I did this because I actually won so hooray!

— Kelsey Vandyne

Last year I did an underwater volcano. I won second place and got an A+ my teacher really liked the originality

— lhern64

Colored Fire

I did an experiment on colored fire. I bought chemicals like copper sulfate, and lit it after spraying alcohol on it. (you can also use salt). it was really awsome and I won the science fair. it was an easy A

— makhassak

Toilet Paper Roll Rockets

We got a toilet paper roll and cut a rubber band on one side then taped the rubber band so it went diagonally across the top then set it aside and got 3 straws and cut one straw 2 inches long taped the ends of the straws toget her with the little one in the middle then u put the rubber band in the middle of the two straws so it is touching the baby straw and some of the big straw will be hanging out the bottom pull it and let go it will shoot a long way this is a good way to test elastic potential energy epa

— hunger games

Sprouting Beans

I did a experiment where u try to find out if rubbing alcohol, baby oil, salt water, water, sugar water, or vinegar which one do plants grow best in? I got an A+

— 5052364

pH Scale

I did a project with my friends and get about 7 differents liquids like cola fanta lemon juice and you put different types of solid objects like chalk and see what dissolves fastest. Got a silver.

— 2cool

Microwave Power

You can microwave a marshmallow at different temperatures and see what happens. Make a chart of what happened. Make sure to take pictures. This is not a research project. This is a Scientific Method Project. REMEMBER: DON'T SET THE MICROWAVE TIMER HIGHER THAN 1 MIN! DO SECONDS AND ALSO HAVE AN ADULT SUPERVISE!!

— 625

Salty Eater and Eggs

When I was in 6th grade I did an experiment. We were trying to know how much salt do you need for an egg to float. To be honest, that's the easiest project EVER! you just put 2 cups of water: one with NO salt an one FULL of salt you put the eggs inside and the one with salt floats. and that's all. EASY 100!

— Miranda F.

Planty Liquids

My friends and I watered flowers with milk, lemonade, and coke for two weeks to see which would live the longest and die the fastest. got an A+!

—Guest Guest ME

Temperature of Water

i did this thing were I got a box of insulation and put a thermometer in there with a jar of cold water to see if it stayed cold (: try it !

— sydneyxguest

Banana Decay

My brother did this and got 2nd out of everybody in our school. He put a banana in a spot in the house that is room temp. A banana in the fridge, and a banana outside to see which decayed faster.

—Guest anonomus

Mentos Explosions

I bought 2 pops and shook them up. then I put 5 mento's in and when it started to go out I picked it up and it shot at my targets right on spot.

— science

Get mint mento's candy and put in different sodas to see which soda goes the farthest (diet pepsi is the best)


Beany Bags

it works really well. Take a rag and put black eyed beans in the rag and fold it up a week or two later they have sprouted and ready to grow beans!!!!!!!

— Guest

Moon Phases

Which moon phase lasts longer? Look and see I'm not gonna tell ya :D

— tiara

Keep It Cool

I got 3 boxes and in each box i filled it with aluminum foil, cotton, and one without anything and put inside nothing then i put in a juice in each box to seen which one keeps it most cold. I competed with 75 other schools and got 2nd place


Balloon Lung

Question: How does ur lung work? Well all u have to do is get an empty bottle and a little cone and a balloon.Turn the cone upside down and put the balloon on the pointy edge.Then stick the cone with the balloon on the end in the bottle.Then ur done squeeze the bottle!!!!!!!!

— HungerGames!!!!!

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