MILLER Surname Meaning and Origin

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The common Miller surname is usually occupational, but there are also other possibilities.

  1. Miller is usually an occupational surname referring to a person who owned or worked in a grain mill.
  2. The Miller surname also possibly be derived in some instances from the Gaelic words meillear, meaning "having large lips"; malair, or "merchant"; or maillor, a man wearing armor or a soldier.
  3. In ancient times the Miller surname originated from the Molindinar (mo-lynn-dine-are), a Scottish burn (rivulet) that still flows under the streets of modern Glasgow.

Surname Origin: English, Scottish, German, French, Italian


Fun Facts About the Miller Surname:

The popular Miller surname has absorbed many cognate surnames from other European languages, for example, the German Mueller; the French Meunier, Dumoulin, Demoulins, and Moulin; the Dutch Molenaar; the Italian Molinaro; the Spanish Molinero, etc. This means that the surname alone doesn't really tell you anything about your distant family origins.

Famous People with the Surname MILLER:

  • Arthur Miller (1915-2005) - American playwright best-known for his Pulitzer Prize-winning play "Death of a Salesman."
  • Shannon Miller - American gymnast and Olympic gold medalist
  • Alice Duer Miller - American woman's suffrage activist, journalist, and writer
  • William Miller - author of "Wee Willy Winkie" and other nursery rhymes (1810-1872)
  • Reggie Miller - American basketball player

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