Find MIME Types by Content Type for Web Design

Here is an extensive list of MIME types broken up by the content they define.

MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) is an internet standard that is used to identify the types of content found in various files. These types can include applications, sounds, video, text, and many others.

MIME Types Explained

In a way, they are much like the file extensions you're familiar with on your desktop or laptop. For example, the .doc extension that is used for Word documents, the .exe for executable windows files, and .xls that is found on Excel files are all file extensions you are undoubtedly familiar with for the files on your computer.

MIME types are defined in HTML by the type attribute on links, objects, and script and style tags.

In this article, we will list the various MIME types for applications, sounds, images, mail messages, text files, video files, and virtual world files. You can use this article as a handy catalog of all of these files should you need these MIME types in the future.

The MIME type for HTML is:


Applications and Their MIME Types

Here's a list of applications, their MIME types, and their file extensions.

Application MIME Type File Extension
Corel Envoy application/envoy evy
fractal image file application/fractals fif
Windows print spool file application/futuresplash spl
HTML application application/hta hta
Atari ST Program application/internet-property-stream acx
BinHex encoded file application/mac-binhex40 hqx
Word document application/msword doc
Word document template application/msword dot
application/octet-stream *
binary disk image application/octet-stream bin
Java class file application/octet-stream class
Disk Masher image application/octet-stream dms
executable file application/octet-stream exe
LHARC compressed archive application/octet-stream lha
LZH compressed file application/octet-stream lzh
CALS raster image application/oda oda
ActiveX script application/olescript axs
Acrobat file application/pdf pdf
Outlook profile file application/pics-rules prf
certificate request file application/pkcs10 p10
certificate revocation list file application/pkix-crl crl
Adobe Illustrator file application/postscript ai
postscript file application/postscript eps
postscript file application/postscript ps
rich text format file application/rtf rtf
set payment initiation application/set-payment-initiation setpay
set registration initiation application/set-registration-initiation setreg
Excel Add-in file application/ xla
Excel chart application/ xlc
Excel macro application/ xlm
Excel spreadsheet application/ xls
Excel template application/ xlt
Excel worspace application/ xlw
Outlook mail message application/ msg
serialized certificate store file application/ sst
Windows catalog file application/ cat
stereolithography file application/ stl
PowerPoint template application/ pot
PowerPoint slide show application/ pps
PowerPoint presentation application/ ppt
Microsoft Project file application/ mpp
WordPerfect macro application/ wcm
Microsoft Works database application/ wdb
Microsoft Works spreadsheet application/ wks
Microsoft Works word processsor document application/ wps
Windows help file application/winhlp hlp
binary CPIO archive application/x-bcpio bcpio
computable document format file application/x-cdf cdf
Unix compressed file application/x-compress z
gzipped tar file application/x-compressed tgz
Unix CPIO archive application/x-cpio cpio
Photoshop custom shapes file application/x-csh csh
Kodak RAW image file application/x-director dcr
Adobe Director movie application/x-director dir
Macromedia Director movie application/x-director dxr
device independent format file application/x-dvi dvi
Gnu tar archive application/x-gtar gtar
Gnu zipped archive application/x-gzip gz
hierarchical data format file application/x-hdf hdf
internet settings file application/x-internet-signup ins
IIS internet service provider settings application/x-internet-signup isp
ARC+ architectural file application/x-iphone iii
JavaScript file application/x-javascript js
LaTex document application/x-latex latex
Microsoft Access database application/x-msaccess mdb
Windows CardSpace file application/x-mscardfile crd
CrazyTalk clip file application/x-msclip clp
dynamic link library application/x-msdownload dll
Microsoft media viewer file application/x-msmediaview m13
Steuer2001 file application/x-msmediaview m14
multimedia viewer book source file application/x-msmediaview mvb
Windows meta file application/x-msmetafile wmf
Microsoft Money file application/x-msmoney mny
Microsoft Publisher file application/x-mspublisher pub
Turbo Tax tax schedule list application/x-msschedule scd
FTR media file application/x-msterminal trm
Microsoft Write file application/x-mswrite wri
computable document format file application/x-netcdf cdf
Mastercam numerical control file application/x-netcdf nc
MSX computers archive format application/x-perfmon pma
performance monitor counter file application/x-perfmon pmc
process monitor log file application/x-perfmon pml
Avid persistant media record file application/x-perfmon pmr
Pegasus Mail draft stored message application/x-perfmon pmw
personal information exchange file application/x-pkcs12 p12
PKCS #12 certificate file application/x-pkcs12 pfx
PKCS #7 certificate file application/x-pkcs7-certificates p7b
software publisher certificate file application/x-pkcs7-certificates spc
certificate request response file application/x-pkcs7-certreqresp p7r
PKCS #7 certificate file application/x-pkcs7-mime p7c
digitally encrypted message application/x-pkcs7-mime p7m
digitally signed email message application/x-pkcs7-signature p7s
Bash shell script application/x-sh sh
Unix shar archive application/x-shar shar
Flash file application/x-shockwave-flash swf
Stuffit archive file application/x-stuffit sit
system 5 release 4 CPIO file application/x-sv4cpio sv4cpio
system 5 release 4 CPIO checksum data application/x-sv4crc sv4crc
consolidated Unix file archive application/x-tar tar
Tcl script application/x-tcl tcl
LaTeX source document application/x-tex tex
LaTeX info document application/x-texinfo texi
LaTeX info document application/x-texinfo texinfo
unformatted manual page application/x-troff roff
Turing source code file application/x-troff t
TomeRaider 2 ebook file application/x-troff tr
Unix manual application/x-troff-man man
readme text file application/x-troff-me me
3ds Max script file application/x-troff-ms ms
uniform standard tape archive format file application/x-ustar ustar
source code application/x-wais-source src
internet security certificate application/x-x509-ca-cert cer
security certificate application/x-x509-ca-cert crt
DER certificate file application/x-x509-ca-cert der
public key security object application/ pko
zipped file application/zip zip

Sound Files and Their MIME Types

Here's a list of sound files, their MIME types, and their file extensions.

Application MIME Type File Extension
audio file audio/basic au
sound file audio/basic snd
midi file audio/mid mid
media processing server studio audio/mid rmi
MP3 file audio/mpeg mp3
audio interchange file format audio/x-aiff aif
compressed audio interchange file audio/x-aiff aifc
audio interchange file format audio/x-aiff aiff
media playlist file audio/x-mpegurl m3u
Real Audio file audio/x-pn-realaudio ra
Real Audio metadata file audio/x-pn-realaudio ram
WAVE audio file audio/x-wav wav

Image Files and Their MIME Types

Here's a list of image files, their MIME types, and their file extensions.

Application MIME Type File Extension
Bitmap image/bmp bmp
compiled source code image/cis-cod cod
graphic interchange format image/gif gif
image file image/ief ief
JPEG image image/jpeg jpe
JPEG image image/jpeg jpeg
JPEG image image/jpeg jpg
JPEG file interchange format image/pipeg jfif
scalable vector graphic image/svg+xml svg
TIF image image/tiff tif
TIF image image/tiff tiff
Sun raster graphic image/x-cmu-raster ras
Corel metafile exchange image file image/x-cmx cmx
icon image/x-icon ico
portable any map image image/x-portable-anymap pnm
portable bitmap image image/x-portable-bitmap pbm
portable graymap image image/x-portable-graymap pgm
portable pixmap image image/x-portable-pixmap ppm
RGB bitmap image/x-rgb rgb
X11 bitmap image/x-xbitmap xbm
X11 pixmap image/x-xpixmap xpm
X-Windows dump image image/x-xwindowdump xwd

Mail Message Files and Their MIME Types

Here's a list of mail message files, their MIME types, and their file extensions.

Application MIME Type File Extension
MHTML web archive message/rfc822 mht
MIME HTML file message/rfc822 mhtml
Windows Live Mail newsgroup file message/rfc822 nws

Text Files and Their MIME Types

Here's a list of text files, their MIME types, and their file extensions.

Application MIME Type File Extension
Cascading Style Sheet text/css css
H.323 internet telephony file text/h323 323
HTML file text/html htm
HTML file text/html html
Exchange streaming media file text/html stm
NetMeeting user location service file text/iuls uls
BASIC source code file text/plain bas
C/C++ source code file text/plain c
C/C++/Objective C header file text/plain h
text file text/plain txt
rich text file text/richtext rtx
Scitext continuous tone file text/scriptlet sct
tab separated values file text/tab-separated-values tsv
hypertext template file text/webviewhtml htt
HTML component file text/x-component htc
TeX font encoding file text/x-setext etx
vCard file text/x-vcard vcf

Video Files and Their MIME Types

Here's a list of video files, their MIME types, and their file extensions.

Application MIME Type File Extension
MPEG-2 audio file video/mpeg mp2
MPEG-2 audio file video/mpeg mpa
MPEG movie file video/mpeg mpe
MPEG movie file video/mpeg mpeg
MPEG movie file video/mpeg mpg
MPEG-2 video stream video/mpeg mpv2
MPEG-4 video/mp4 mp4
Apple QuickTime movie video/quicktime mov
Apple QuickTime movie video/quicktime qt
Logos library system file video/x-la-asf lsf
streaming media shortcut video/x-la-asf lsx
advanced systems format file video/x-ms-asf asf
ActionScript remote document video/x-ms-asf asr
Microsoft ASF redirector file video/x-ms-asf asx
audio video interleave file video/x-msvideo avi
Apple QuickTime movie video/x-sgi-movie movie

Virtual World Files and Their MIME Types

Here's a list of virtual world files, their MIME types, and their file extensions.

Application MIME Type File Extension
Flare decompiled actionscript file x-world/x-vrml flr
VRML file x-world/x-vrml vrml
VRML world x-world/x-vrml wrl
compressed VRML world x-world/x-vrml wrz
3ds max XML animation file x-world/x-vrml xaf
Reality Lab 3D image file x-world/x-vrml xof
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