'Minute To Win It' Baby Blockin' Game

Baby blocks
Diane Macdonald Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

The Minute to Win It game Baby Blockin' is fairly straight-forward: balance blocks on top of your head. Once you try it, however, you'll realize just how tricky it can be. Practice using a steady hand and try not to rush. You'll have a strong desire to hurry because of the timer, but going slowly is actually better for your balance.

The Goal

Balance five standard-sized baby blocks (the old-fashioned ones made of wood, with letters of the alphabet painted on them) on a plastic plate, resting on the top of your head.

Complete this task in a minute or less.

Equipment Needed

To play Baby Blockin' you will need:

  • Five standard baby blocks
  • One plastic (disposable) plate

How To Play

Set the playing area up with a small table holding the plastic plate and the five baby blocks. The player stands beside the table with her hands at her sides. When the one-minute timer begins, the player first must balance the plate on her head. Once the plate is in position, it may not be adjusted further at any point during the game.

When the plate is balanced, the player can then begin stacking the blocks. The baby blocks must be stacked one on top of the other to create a tower. The game is won when all five baby blocks are stacked on the plate, and balanced without being touched for three consecutive seconds. All of this must be complete within one minute.

The Rules

The rules for Baby Blockin' are pretty simple:

  • You may not move the plastic plate once it's been balanced on top of your head.
  • If the plate and/or blocks fall, you may gather them up again and start over. The timer continues to run, however, and if you run out of time the game is over.

Tips and Tricks

This game requires balance more than anything else. Pay the most attention to the placement of the plate, since you won't be able to move it at all once you start stacking blocks.

Then, work steadily without rushing. If you try to go too quickly you'll miss subtle changes in the alignment of the blocks that will end up tipping them over.

If you really want to practice this one seriously, try doing it blindfolded. You'll get a really good sense of what a solid stack should feel like, and you can replicate this during the real game by closing your eyes as you play.

Variations and Modifications

Like most Minute to Win It games, Baby Blockin' can be modified if you're planning to play it for a themed party or with a specific age group.

To make the game easier for young children, you can let them hold the plate with one hand while stacking with the other. Alternatively, reduce the number of baby blocks in play from five to three.

For a Christmas Minute to Win It game based on this one, wrap the blocks tightly with wrapping paper so they look like tiny gifts. Change the name of the game to "Santa Stackin'" or something similar.

Turn Baby Blockin' into a Halloween game by swapping out the baby blocks for colored stacking rings - the type that are made by Fisher Price and come on a spindle, with the widest ring at the bottom and the smallest at the top. When stacked on the plastic plate, the rings will resemble a witch's hat.

Rename the game to "Witch's Stack" or something a bit more clever.