Minute to Win It Baby Rattle Game

gum balls
courtesy Pixabay

This game certainly isn't child's play! Gumballs and soda bottles are the main props here, and you'll also need strong hands and a bit of patience. (And yes, we know that patience isn't easy when there's a one-minute timer counting down while you play.)

The Goal

The goal of Baby Rattle is to get gumballs transferred from full soda bottles into empty ones without getting them jammed in the necks of the bottles. Confused? Read on for instructions.

Equipment Needed

  • Four empty 2-liter plastic soda bottles
  • Strong tape to hold the bottles together
  • Gumballs, enough to fill two bottles about half-way
  • Table

How to Play

Set up the game: Fill two of the bottles half-way up with gumballs. Place an empty bottle on top of each filled one and tape them together securely at the necks. Place the bottle stacks on the table.

To play: Start the timer. Pick up the bottles, one set in each hand, by grabbing them where they are taped together. Flip each set over and begin shaking or swirling them to transfer the gumballs from one bottle to the other. Get all of the gumballs into the opposite bottles from where they started, place the bottle stacks on the table, and remove your hands from the bottles in under 60 seconds to win the game.

The Rules

  • Players must start the game with arms and hands at their sides. You can only touch the bottles once the timer begins.
  • You may not take the bottles apart or bang them on any surface, including your own body, in order to move the gumballs.
  • The gumballs must be completely transferred and bottles replaced on the table, with your hands back at your sides, to end the game.

Tips and Tricks

This game sounds pretty easy, but there are a couple of things you can do to make it run more smoothly. First, grab the bottles with your hands twisted, so that when you flip them over your grip will be more comfortable. Secondly, if you run into a bottleneck situation where the gumballs get stuck, shake the bottles vigorously and then swirl them to get a whirlpool effect going.