'Minute to Win It' Bobblehead Game

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Bobblehead, like most of the Minute to Win It games, seems simple. It's not as much fun to watch as the others, however, as all the audience gets to see is a contestant furiously nodding and shaking his head for 60 seconds. Have the Tylenol ready for this one.

The Goal

Gain 125 "steps" on a pedometer attached to your head.

Equipment Needed

  • pedometer
  • secure headband

How to Play

Attach the pedometer to the headband, and secure the headband to your head.

Make sure the pedometer is set to zero. When the one-minute timer starts, begin bobbing your head up and down in order to gain "steps." The game continues until the timer runs out. If 125 or more steps have been counted after 60 seconds, congratulations!

The Rules

  • Your hands must remain at your sides.
  • If the headband becomes dislodged, you may stop bobbing and adjust it, resuming the game only when your hands are back at your sides.


Tips and Tricks

  • Concentrate on moving only your head and neck, rather than expending extra energy shaking the rest of your body.
  • Keep your neck as relaxed as possible so it doesn't stiffen up.
  • Secure the headband as well as you can before you start so you don't have to waste time fixing it during the game.
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