A Guide to "Minute to Win It," the Bucket Head Game

Party Game With Ping Pong Balls and a Bucket

Family playing on floor in fort
The Bucket Head game is great fun for the whole family. Hero Images / Getty Images

The Bucket Head game is tricky but it can be a fun game for your next party. It's bound to have everybody laughing as they try to catch ping pong balls in a bucket attached to their heads. This game was introduced on the television game show "Minute to Win It." While contestants played for escalating cash prizes, you'll have to structure the rewards for your guests.

You can use this game as part of a party or game night with family and friends.

It's appropriate for both children and adults.

Equipment and Location Needed

The games played on "Minute to Win It" used simple household items.

  • This game should be played in a room with a hard floor, blank wall, and no obstructing furniture. It can be played outdoors on a patio using a solid wall or fence as the backdrop.
  • 5 ping pong balls
  • A bucket with a strap that can be secured to your head
  • One-minute timer

How to Play Bucket Head

The goal is to catch ping pong balls in a bucket that sits on top of your head.

  • Mark a line that's exactly five feet from the wall. Secure the bucket to your head, and place the ping pong balls on a table at the line. Stand at the line.
  • When the timer starts, take one ball at a time and attempt to bounce it off the floor, hitting the wall and then rebounding back to you.
  • Catch the ball in the bucket on your head.
  • Repeat this process five times within one minute.
  • Scoring: You can either keep a score of the most balls caught in one minute, or you can make it an all-or-nothing challenge.

    The Rules

    • You may not kneel or sit in order to catch the ball.
    • Incidental contact with the floor by any body part other than your feet will be waved off.
    • Only one ball may be in play at a time.
    • All five balls must remain in the basket. If one falls out, it is not counted.
    • The ball must travel directly from the wall to the basket, without any further bounces.
    • You may secure the bucket with your hands, but not while attempting to catch a ball. If a ball is caught while you are touching the bucket or strap, it will be discounted.
    • You may clear any balls that are in the way of your shot before bouncing a ball.
    • When the 60-second timer runs out, any ball that is currently in play may be counted.

    Tips and Tricks

    • Make sure the bucket is secure on your head so you won't have to waste time adjusting it while trying to catch the ping pong balls.
    • Practice throwing the ball at different angles to find the best one to achieve the correct height for catching.
    • Be sure take video of your guests playing so you can all laugh at it later.