Minute to Win It Card Game Don't Blow the Joker

Play Minute to Win It Don't Blow the Joker with Cards
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Minute to Win It card games are some of the easiest to use as party games, and this one is a great example. Can you blow a stack of playing cards off of an empty soda bottle, keeping the bottom card in place? You'll never know until you try this game! Don't Blow the Joker is one of the original games from the first run of the show.

The Goal

A deck of playing cards rests on top of an empty soda bottle, with the joker on the bottom.

Using only your mouth, blow away all of the cards except the joker.

Equipment Needed

Each player gets five chances and beating this game, so you'll need to set up five playing stations. Fortunately you only need two items for each station. Also, remember that glass bottles and hard floors aren't always a good combination.

  • Five empty soda bottles
  • Five decks of standard playing cards
  • One longish table
  • A one-minute timer or stop watch
  • A broom and dustpan on standby, just in case (you can also consider putting down a tarp or drop-cloth on the floor)

How to Play

Describing how to play Don't Blow the Joker is actually easier than playing the game.

  • To set up this game, place the decks of cards, facing up, on top of the bottles, each with a joker on the bottom.
  • To play, start the timer. Begin blowing the cards off the first bottle. If all of the cards including the joker fall, or if the bottle tips over, move on to the next one.
  • If all five attempts fail within one minute, the game is over.
  • To win, blow away all of the cards except the joker from one of the bottles before the one-minute timer is finished.

The Rules

The rules are pretty straight-forward and you can switch them up for your own party game if you'd like. They are:

  • You may not touch the table, bottle, or the cards with any body part.
  • The joker must remain perched on top of the bottle for three consecutive seconds, before the one-minute timer is up, in order to succeed.

Tips and Tricks

Practicing at home before the guests arrive? Good idea - I would do the same thing. Try these tips to give yourself even more of an advantage:

  • Try blowing the cards from different angles, such as from the corner, the long side, or the short side of the deck.
  • To move along quickly, take off many cards at a time to start off. Once you get close to the bottom of the deck, slow down and remove one or two cards at a time.

The blueprint with video instructions for this game can be found at NBC.com.

Change Things Up

You can make the game easier for kids to play by requiring them only to blow off all of the cards without knocking the bottle over. (You may want to use plastic bottles though, weighted down with a little water in the bottom.)

For a holiday card game, use colored bottles, tie ribbons around the bases of the bottles, or just dress up the table with a holiday table cloth. Then give the game a themed title - use your imagination!

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