'Minute to Win It' Egg Roll Game

Save your old pizza boxes to play this exciting Minute to Win It Game

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Move three eggs into a target circle using a pizza box. If you're trying this at home, at least you'll get a pizza out of it!

The Goal

Using an empty pizza box as a fan, move three eggs across the floor and into a marked target zone.

Equipment Needed

  • Three eggs (raw, not hard-boiled)
  • One empty 14" pizza box
  • A one-minute timer
  • Something to mark the target zone on the floor -- masking tape, chalk for outdoor play, or whatever you have on hand

    Keep in mind that whatever you use to mark the target zone shouldn't be bulky. You'll be rolling eggs over it, so if it has extra bulk the game will be that much harder (and you risk broken eggs all over your floor).

    How to Play

    Place the eggs on the floor, far from the designated target area, spaced out several feet apart. Stand behind the egg in the middle with the pizza box in both hands, with the side that opens facing you.

    Start the timer. Begin fanning one of the eggs towards the target area. When one egg is in the zone, move on to the next one. All three eggs must be stationary and inside the target area by the time the one-minute timer is finished in order to win.

    The Rules

    • The pizza box may not be opened at any time during the game.
    • An egg is considered to be in the target area as long as any part of its shell is touching the marked area.
    • You may not touch the eggs with any body part, or with the pizza box.
    • If an egg breaks or rolls off the stage, the game is over.

    Tips and Tricks

    This is one of those games that is tricky to practice at home, since we don't know the exact measurements to set it up. Practice using varied distances between the eggs and the collection zone, and use a small collection zone to ensure accuracy.

    The blueprint with video instructions for this game can be found at NBC.com.

    Decorate the pizza box to make this into a holiday-themed game. Use seasonal stickers, paints, or whatever you like. Decorating the eggs is probably a bad idea, because that will change how well they will roll.

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