'Minute to Win It' Face the Cookie Game

The Best Part of This Game? You Get to Eat the Cookie

A contestant plays Face the Cookie on the game show Minute to Win It.
A contestant plays Face the Cookie on "Minute to Win It.". NBC

Test your control of your facial muscles with this simple "Minute to Win It" game. You can play this one just about anywhere, with any group and any age/skill level. It's the perfect party game for all occasions.

The Goal

Move one to three cookies from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands.

Equipment Needed

  • Chair
  • Oreo cookies
  • A 1-minute timer or stopwatch

How to Play

Face the Cookie is extremely simple -- at least in theory. Sit in a chair with a plate of Oreo cookies beside you. Lean your head back and place a cookie in the center of your forehead. When the 1-minute timer begins, use only your face to move the cookie from your forehead to your mouth.

This game can be played in the early stages of "Minute to Win It" with a single cookie for a low dollar amount on the money ladder. Later in the game, the stakes are raised, and contestants must successfully maneuver three cookies from forehead to mouth. You can do the same if you're playing this as a party game -- let younger kids play with the one cookie rule, and adults must play with three.

The Rules

  • Cookies must be placed in the middle of your forehead and not touching your eyebrows.
  • You can tilt your head and move your face, but you cannot touch a cookie with your hands.
  • The cookie must remain in contact with your face, so you can't try to toss it from your forehead and catch it in your mouth.
  • If a cookie falls before reaching your mouth, you must start over with a fresh cookie.
  • The cookie must actually go in your mouth, held securely by your lips and/or teeth, to count. (You don't have to eat it. If you're playing by the three-cookies rule, once it's in place, make sure everyone knows this and then spit it out and start with the next one. Eat the last one though, because¬†... cookies.)

Tips and Tricks

  • Tilt your head in the opposite direction from the way you want the cookie to go to provide stability.
  • Use repetitive motions with your face muscles to slowly but steadily move the cookie along.
  • When you get the cookie close to your mouth, slowly and gently tilt your head to get it to its final destination.

Holiday Face the Cookie

This is probably the easiest game from the show to turn into a holiday-themed party game. Use gingerbread cookies for Christmas, Halloween-shaped and decorated sugar cookies for that season, cookies with frosting and sprinkles for birthdays -- you can really go anywhere with this one.