'Minute to Win It' Johnny Applestack Game

apples for Johnny Applestack Minute to Win It game
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Rarely does a game from Minute to Win It play out exactly as its title suggests, but in this case we have an exception. The aim of this game is to stack apples. Simple enough, right?

The Goal

Stack five apples to make a tower. That's all there is to it! Oh, the tower has to be completely freestanding for a predetermined amount of time, and you have to accomplish this in under a minute. But let's not stress over the details here...

Equipment Needed

Johnny Applestack is one of the simplest games to set up and play, so it's absolutely perfect to all kinds of parties and gatherings. It's even portable! Here's what you'll need:

  • Five apples
  • A table
  • A one-minute timer or stop watch

Keep in mind that the apples may not be fit for anything other than sauce or pie once the game has been played a few times. Depending on how often and how far they fall, you'll be looking at some pretty bruised fruit afterwards. If a lot of people will be playing, keep some extra apples on hand to replace any that get really damaged.

How to Play

To set up the game, place the five apples in a row on the table. Get the timer ready to go, and you're good.

To play, the contestant stands at the table facing the apples. Start the timer. Now, the contestant must stack all five apples into a free-standing tower in under one minute. That's the entire game right there.

The Rules

With a game this simple you wouldn't think there would be rules, but you'd be wrong. Here's what you need to keep in mind:

  • The apples must be placed one on top of another to make a stack of five.
  • The tower must be free-standing for at least three consecutive seconds.
  • You cannot manipulate the apples in any way - no taking a bite out or trying to smush the bottom one down so it's completely flat on the bottom.
  • If an apple falls, pick it up and keep going. Same thing if the entire tower falls. You can use the entire minute to try and win.

Tips and Tricks

Just like any type of structure, place the larger or heavier apples at the bottom of the stack. Rotate the apples to that any bumpy parts fit into the indentations of the apples above and below it. This can be a bit tricky, but it's definitely do-able.


With a game this easy, it's fun to try some variations to make things a bit more challenging. Here are a few ideas to try.

  • Choose five different varieties of apples so that they have different shapes and weights.
  • Use a blindfold! If you're finding that this game is just too easy, blindfold the contestants and see how differently things turn out.
  • Turn Johnny Applestack into a multi-player competition. Have several people playing at the same time, each with their own apples, and the winner will be the person who completes the stack (freestanding for three seconds) first.

Johnny Applestack is also perfect for a Halloween party, since apples are a common seasonal theme. If the apples aren't too bruised or damaged you can them use them for bobbing or other games, or use one in place of the baseball for Elephant March.

If you're planning a Minute to Win It party, definitely have this game on the roster. It's perfect for all ages to play, doesn't cost much in supplies, and set up is minimal.

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