'Minute to Win It' Mad Dog Game

Tic Tacs for Minute to Win It Mad Dog game
courtesy Pixabay


On Minute to Win It, Mad Dog is a team game with two players. Each person, one at a time, clenches his or her teeth on a ruler that has a box of Tic Tacs attached to either end. Like a mad dog with a bone, shake the boxes to get all the mints out.

The Goal

The goal of this game is to have each person on the team with both boxes of Tic Tacs completely empty before the one-minute time limit is up.

If you don't mind looking like a complete goofball, then this game is fairly simple to play and win.

Equipment Needed

Mad Dog is pretty easy to set up and you don't need a lot of complicated or hard to find equipment to get the game underway. Here's your shopping list for the game:

  • Two old or cheap rulers (you won't be using them again for their intended purpose, so don't invest too much into the rulers)
  • Four full boxes of Tic Tac mints, standard size
  • Super glue or other strong adhesive
  • Optional: Two pieces of an old towel or cloth, or some paper towels
  • Two small tables or bar stools, of equal height
  • A one minute timer or stop watch

Set Up the Game

There's minimal prep work involved here but you need to leave some time for the glue to dry, so plan this game ahead of time.

  • Glue one box of Tic Tacs to each end of the rulers. The boxes should be flush with the ruler ends and facing straight up, so the glue should be placed on the bottom of the boxes. Allow the glue to dry completely and then check to make sure that the adhesive is strong enough to withstand a lot of movement.
  • Remove half of the Tic Tac lids - the part that pops up to dispense the mints. You don't want to take the entire lid off because that would make the game too easy.
  • Place the rulers on the tables so that each side is resting on one table with space in between. Player have to pick up the rulers with their teeth, so this gives them a bit of room to get in there and get a firm grip.
  • Optional: if you're going to having more than two people playing this game, there's a bit of an ick factor involved in different people having the ruler in their mouths. To avoid this, cut strips of an old towel or other cloth and have players wrap a length of this fabric around the ruler to bite down on while playing. If all else fails you could also use paper towels.

How to Play

Playing this Minute to Win It game is simple. When the timer starts, the first player picks up one of the rulers, in the center, with his or her teeth, and begins shaking his or her head around to empty all of the mints from the containers. When he or she is finished, the second player repeats the process. All four containers must be empty before the timer is up in order to win the game.

The Rules

The rules for Mad Dog are also simple:

  • Players may not touch the ruler or containers with their hands
  • You cannot empty containers by standing on your head or rolling around on the floor - you must remain upright with both feet on the floor.

Tips and Tricks

There really aren't any tips I can offer as far as game play goes, but I do have a couple for setting up and playing. This game is best played outdoors, since those little mints will be flying all over the place and will be tricky to clean up.

Also, if you're having more than one team playing, rather than creating a whole bunch of rulers with mints on them, simply pick up as many containers of Tic Tacs as you'll need and then refill the boxes as you play.