'Minute to Win It' Office Tennis Game

balls of paper for Minute to win it Office Tennis
courtesy Pixabay


Office Tennis is played using clipboards and paper instead of rackets and tennis balls. This team game from Minute to Win It requires two players working together. Or at least attempting to - we all know how tricky these games can be!

The Goal

Volley a ball made of crumpled copy paper back and forth using clipboards. Move the "ball" 15 feet and then land it into a waiting garbage can in order to declare victory and move on to a more complicated game.

Equipment Needed

You'll need an empty room to play this game in because it requires plenty of space. If it's nice outside you can certainly play outdoors at the company picnic. (But it's not exclusively an office game, you can play at home or anywhere you like.) Besides some empty space, you'll also need:

  • Two standard clipboards, preferably without anything hanging off of them like pen holders or paper under the clip
  • Several balls made out of crumpled office paper and something to keep them in like a small trash can
  • Another trash can, empty and preferably clean (ie. not from the cafeteria or kitchen)
  • Measuring tape
  • Duct tape or masking tape - make sure this stands out and can be seen on the ground surface you'll be playing on.
  • A one-minute timer or stop watch

Setting it Up

Before you can play you have some measuring and marking to do. First, place the empty trash can at one end of the room. Measure 15 feet out from the basket and mark a foul line with the duct or masking tape.

Then, measure out another foul line, also 15 feet away from the basket, running perpendicular to the first one.

Place the clipboards and paper balls at the end of the first foul line.

How to Play

Players will start where the clipboards and balls have been placed, with clipboards in hand. When the one-minute timer begins, grab a paper ball and start hitting it, tennis style, back and forth as you move down the first foul line without going over it.

When you get close to the wastebasket, hit the paper ball so it lands inside. Failure to do so in 60 seconds or less may result in elimination, and no one wants that!

The Rules

Ready to play? Read the rules first so that you don't inadvertently break them. There are quite a few rules for this game:

  • Players cannot cross the first foul line before the first back and forth volley has been completed.
  • Players cannot cross the second foul line at all, for any reason.
  • No player may double-hit the ball or carry it on the clipboard.
  • If a ball falls, is double-hit, or carried, it must be abandoned and the game starts over as long as there's still time on the timer.
  • You must volley the ball back and forth - you cannot simply try to use the clipboard as a baseball bat and try to land the paper ball inside without moving it down the foul line first.
  • To win the game, one of the paper balls must land inside the trash can within the one-minute time limit. It must stay in the basket without bouncing back out.

Tips and Tricks

You'll probably end up making several attempts to get the ball going back and forth like it needs to. Try to get used to your partner's strength and accuracy quickly. Talk to each other as you're playing if you need to.