'Minute to Win It' Pink Elephant Game

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I'm not sure why this game is called "Pink" Elephant since there's nothing girly or pink about it. Its a hoot at parties though, so make sure you have a video camera on-hand to embarrass people later.

The Goal

In this Minute to Win It game you'll be donning a headband (do they still call those things sweatbands as well?) with a plastic spring toy (Slinky) attached to it. The spring starts out hanging down in front of your body, and the object of the game is to swing it up so it's coiled and resting on your forehead.

Of course you can't use your hands or anything - you have to do this just by swinging your head and body. It's actually not as difficult as it sounds as long as you can keep control of the spring and your body movements.

Equipment Needed

Head to the dollar store or the closets of your kids to get the supplies you'll need for this game. They are:

  • One soft headband, not too loose (the kind you wear when you're working out or playing tennis, not the kind you wear to hold your hair back and look fashionable)
  • One plastic spring toy (Slinky) -- don't use the metal ones because they're too heavy and they'll take someone's eye out
  • A one minute timer or stop watch

Setting It All Up

There's hardly any setup needed for this game, which makes it a personal favorite. Count five "rings" from one end of the Slinky and hook the headband through that spot. The five rings will be against the player's forehead holding the spring in place.

That's it, you're done.

How to Play

Before the game begins, the player dons the headband with the plastic spring toy attached to it. Make sure that the spring is secure, and it should be hanging down in front of the player's body. When the one minute timer begins, the player can start moving his or her body and head around in an attempt to get the spring stacked and resting on his or her forehead.

Accomplish this in one minute or less and yay, you're a winner. As an added bonus, if you take more than 20 seconds or so to win the game, you'll end up with a lovely round spring pattern on your forehead from the pressure of the headband. So it's really win-win for everyone involved (though this might not be a good first date activity).

The Rules

Ah yes, the rules. There must always be those pesky rules. Here they are:

  • You may not touch the spring with any body parts, including hands, arms, knees, etc. Accidental contact as the spring toy bounces around doesn't count, however.
  • The spring must be resting, unaided (which means no touchy touchy), on your forehead for at least three consecutive seconds, before the timer runs out, in order to win.

Tips and Tricks

Make sure there are lots of people around to witness this game! Okay, on a serious note, the best way to get this one to work is to lean your head forward a little and get the spring bouncing up and down. Then, swing it very gently upwards while leaning your head back and let it gather together on your forehead. Don't move around too quickly or the spring will be completely uncontrollable.

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