'Minute to Win It' Ready Spaghetti Game


This is a weird and hilarious little Minute to Win It game. It's played in pairs, and your task is to move empty pop cans using only your mouths and dry spaghetti noodles. Sounds odd, right? But so much fun!

The Goal

The goal of Ready Spaghetti is to move the soda cans from one table to another and create a small pyramid with the cans. But again, you can't use your hands at all. Considering the proximity of the players in this one, you might want to hand out breath mints before playing especially if you had garlic and/or onions with dinner.

Equipment Needed

You know how Minute to Win It used to advertise that you didn't need anything special to play the games and that all of the equipment could be found around the house? Well in this case they really meant it. Here's what you'll need in order to play:

  • A packet of dry spaghetti noodles (you likely won't use the whole thing, but you'll need extras on hand)
  • A bunch of empty soda cans, cleaned and dry, with tabs intact
  • Two tables that are about the same height
  • A one-minute timer or stop watch

Set Up to Play Ready Spaghetti

The official instructions leave a bit to be desired as far as precise measurements go for the distance between the tables. They look to be no more than two feet apart, but you can play around with different distances if you'd like to. Make the game harder by placing the tables farther apart, or easier by putting them closer together - it's your call.

On one table, place the empty pop cans. Make sure that the tabs of the cans are bent upwards so they stick up and the hole in the tab is accessible. The other table should remain empty. Place the spaghetti in an easy-to-reach place near the table with the cans.

How to Play

Before the timer starts, the team of two stands on either side of the table holding the empty soda cans facing each other. When the timer begins, one player grabs a strand of spaghetti and places it in her mouth - after this, no hands can be used except to get the next piece of pasta. The same player then threads the spaghetti through the tab in one of the pop cans. The other player grabs the opposite end of the pasta with her mouth as it comes through the tab, and the team then works together to carry the can over to the empty table.

The can is placed on the table in the same fashion as it was picked up (only in reverse of course), and then this step is repeated two more times. The cans must be stacked on the table in a small pyramid with two cans on the bottom and one on top. Create this pyramid so that it's free-standing for three consecutive seconds, in under one minute, in order to win the game.

The Rules

Here are the rules for Ready Spaghetti:

  • The only time that any hands may be used during the game is when the first player picks up a strand of spaghetti and places it in her mouth
  • If a strand breaks, players must return to their starting positions and try again

Tips and Tricks

Try and use both your lips and teeth to hang on to the pasta - just using your teeth can cause it to crack and break, while only using your lips may not give the spaghetti the support it needs to carry the pop can. Move slowly but deliberately.

The blueprint with video instructions for this game can be found at NBC.com.