'Minute to Win It' Shoe Fly Shoe Game

Shoes for Minute to Win It Game Shoe Fly Shoe
courtesy Pixabay

The Goal

To win Shoe Fly Shoe, kick a shoe nine feet through the air and have it land safely on a small table. You only get a certain number of attempts with this game, so make sure every one counts.

Never in a million years did I think that people would stand to win hundreds of thousands of dollars for being able to kick a shoe and landing it on a table. Then along came Minute to Win It and I realized that you can win money for doing just about anything these days.

Equipment Needed

To play Shoe Fly Shoe you'll need a lot of shoes on hand. Since you don't want to be flinging your Jimmy Choo shoes around the house (and with those styles, the aerodynamics are questionable at best anyway), you'll want to dig up some old ones. Pro tip: Low cut sneakers have a good heft to them.

Here's everything you'll need to play the game:

  • 12 shoes -- they don't need to be matching or anything silly like that
  • One small table
  • A measuring tape or long ruler
  • Masking tape, chalk, string, or other material to mark the foul line
  • A one-minute timer or stop watch

How to Set Up the Game

Before you actually set things up, put some thought into where you want to play. Outdoors is the best option because, well, flying shoes. If you must play inside, find a large room that you can clear of all breakables. Try to ensure that the table isn't near any windows, picture frames, mirrors, or glass doors as well.

Once you've figured out where to set up, place the table in a safe spot. Measure nine feet away from the table and mark your foul line with tape, chalk, or string. Place the shoes just behind the foul line, facing the right way up and not in a pile. Now it's time to play.

How to Play

Before the timer begins, take off one or both of your shoes (making sure that the foot you use to kick with is shoeless).

Also make sure that the pile of game shoes is on the correct side for your dominant foot. Stand behind the foul line.

When the one-minute timer begins, place the front of your foot into one of the shoes and give it a kick, aiming to land the shoe on the table. You have twelve attempts to land a shoe within the one-minute time limit. If you succeed, you win.

The Rules

The rules for this game aren't tricky at all. They are:

  • You may kick only one shoe at a time.
  • If a shoe lands partially on the table it counts, as long as it stays there for at least three consecutive seconds before falling off.
  • If run through all twelve shoes and don't land one, the game is over even if there is still time left on the timer.

Tips and Tricks

If you're able to practice beforehand, make sure you do so with a variety of different shoes. Learn to get a feel for different sizes, styles, and materials. Some of them will go quite far with a light kick, while others will take a bit more power behind them to move. When it's time to actually play the game, keep in mind that you have five seconds per shoe if you end up needing all twelve of them. Don't rush yourself, but be conscious of the time you're using up.

If you have access to elf shoes, this would make a great Christmas party game.