'Minute to Win It' Speed Eraser Game

unsharpened pencils
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Speed Eraser is one of those Minute to Win It games that is perfect to play in the office, and could also be used in a classroom with middle-school kids. Since tossing and bouncing pencils is the main activity here, you'll want to keep the pre-school set away unless you have safety goggles for everyone.

The Goal

In this game you'll be throwing pencils so that they land on their eraser ends, bounce, and land in a cup.

Of course you'll have to do this successfully numerous times and there are rules governing the number of times the pencils can bounce, but don't let that stop you from trying.

Equipment Needed

Not much is needed to play Speed Eraser, and almost everything can be found in the office and/or kitchen supply closet. Assuming you have those. Here's what you'll need.

  • Lots of unsharpened pencils
  • Seven drinking cups -- you'll want to use cups that are heavy enough that they won't topple over when hit with a flying pencil
  • Small table or stool
  • Long table
  • Large bowl or other container to hold the pencils
  • A one-minute timer or stop watch

Setting Up the Game

Before you can set up Speed Eraser you're going to have to decide the distance you'll want players to throw the pencils. A few feet is reasonable, but test your chosen distance out a few times before you commit to it. If you want to mark a foul line for players to stand on, go ahead and do that -- you want the small table at one side where players will throw from, and the longer table at your preferred distance away.

Once that's settled, line the cups up in a row (facing upwards, obviously) along the long table. Place the pencils in the bowl/container and place those on the small table. Now you're ready to go.

How to Play

Start the game standing at the small table. When the timer begins, throw a pencil with only one hand towards the table.

The pencil must bounce off the table on its eraser end, and then flip into the cup, where it must stay. Get a pencil into each one of the seven cups in this manner in under a minute and you're a winner.

The Rules

This game has some odd rules, but feel free to change them up any way you see fit to suit your party. If you want to stick with the rules from the show though, here they are.

  • You may grab a bunch of pencils in your non-throwing hand if you wish, but your throwing hand may only contain one pencil at a time.
  • If a pencil bounces into a cup and then back out again, it does not count. The pencil must land and stay in the cup.
  • The pencils must bounce once, off the eraser end, and land in the cup with no interference.

Tips and Tricks

Practice. Then practice some more. You can generally get accustomed to throwing the pencils with some accuracy, it's the eraser bounce that becomes problematic. Play around with different angles from both the table and the eraser to see if you can get some kind of consistency down with the direction the pencil will tilt.