'Minute to Win It' Sticky Situation Game


Ever thought of pairing peanut butter with ping pong balls? Of course not, that's why you never worked for the creative team on Minute to Win It (and if you answered in the affirmative, well, you've clearly missed your calling). Bounce balls so they land in peanut butter -- what could be simpler?

The Goal

The goal of Sticky Situation is to bounce ping pong balls and get one to stick on a slice of bread that has been slathered with peanut butter.

Simple concept, tricky execution.

Equipment Needed

You likely have most of the items needed for this game already (which is really the beauty of Minute to Win It in a nutshell). Here's your checklist of what you'll need in order to play.

  • An abundance of ping pong balls, any color
  • A basket or other light-weight container to hold the ping pong balls
  • A table or other object you can use as a platform to place the bread on
  • One slice of bread
  • Peanut butter
  • A knife for spreading
  • Measuring tape
  • Chalk, masking tape, string, or other means of marking a foul line
  • A one-minute timer or stop watch

Keep in mind that, since the balls have to be bounced onto the bread, you'll need to be playing on a flat, uncarpeted surface. Also, if you're at all concerned about peanut allergies, you can instead use Cheez Whiz, jam, cream cheese -- whatever is sticky and thick enough to hold the ping pong ball in place when it lands there.

Note: If you're going to have multiple players playing the game at the same time, which could be a fun variation on the game, give each player a different color of ping pong ball. Alternatively you could mark the balls with Sharpie markers or paint pens so you'll know which balls have been thrown by which player.

How to Set Up the Game

Before you can start throwing balls at the delicious peanut butter, you'll have to first set up the game. This isn't tricky at all, fortunately.

First, place the table or other platform in the spot where you want it to be -- this is where the balls will be aimed. Then, take your measuring tape and measure out ten feet from the platform in any direction. Mark the ten-foot line with tape or chalk or whatever you want: This will be your foul line from which players will bounce the balls.

Place the ping pong balls into a basket or other container and place the container on the floor behind the foul line.

Spread a thick layer of peanut butter onto the bread, and place it in the center of your platform. Now it's time to play!

How to Play

Start the game by standing behind the foul line facing the platform. When the one-minute timer begins, grab the container of ping pong balls and start bouncing them towards the bread. Using one ball at a time, make sure each ball bounces once on the table before (hopefully) landing in the peanut butter.

Land a ball successfully so that it sticks to the bread in one minute or less, and you win.

The Rules

There shouldn't be any rules where peanut butter is concerned.

And yet...

  • You may only bounce a single ping pong ball at a time
  • Each ball must bounce once, but only once, before hitting the peanut butter
  • You must stay behind the foul line while the game is in play
  • The ball must stick to the bread for at least three consecutive seconds in order to count

Tips and Tricks

This is yet another game in which you'll need to practice to get a feel for how far you need to throw the ball, and where you should bounce it for the best possible landing. Don't rush, but keep up a steady stream of balls for the best chance at landing one.