"Minute to Win It" Drinking Game

A Game of Balance and Chugging

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Who doesn't love a good drinking game, especially one that requires speed, balance, and a quick gulping technique? In the Minute to Win It drinking game called Tipsy, the contestants challenge one another to balance three separate cans on their bottom beveled edges. 

A word of caution: this won't be a good fit for everyone because it requires that you quickly chug back a good portion of a drink from three separate cans.

For that reason, anyone with intestinal issues, diabetes or other health problems may have trouble with this. One way around this issue is to use clean, empty soda cans that you refill with plain water, but the game will be a little less challenging that way. (Carbonated water is also an option as long as it's in a can that's shaped like a regular soda can.)

The Goal

The goal of Tipsy is to balance three soda cans on their beveled bottom edges (at the bottom of the can where the sides taper in). The cans start out full, and it's impossible to balance them that way. Likewise, you can't balance them when they're empty. So, you'll need to figure out just how much to drink from each can to make them balance.

You can either play individually or all at once. In the individual game, the winner is the contestant who finishes the challenge in the quickest time. In the group version, though, the winner is the contestant who manages to balance all three cans before the others — you don't even have to stop at one minute in this case!

Setting Up the Game

While the game itself is tricky here, your shopping list really isn't. In fact, if you're a soda drinker, you don't even need to get up from your computer chair to get all of the supplies for this game. You will need at least three full cans of your favorite beverage per player, a table of any size, and a one-minute timer or the stopwatch on your cell phone.


If you're hosting a Minute to Win It party, make sure that you have a variety of different beverages on hand including diet versions. Not everyone at the gathering will want to ingest that much soda or sugar.

Also, keep in mind that partially full cans can easily spill while playing this game. Have extra cans available, and you may want to either play outdoors or put down a plastic sheet or tarp to protect your floors.

The set-up for Tipsy is even easier than the shopping part of the game. Seriously. Here's what you need to do: Place three cans of soda on the table, and a couple of extras off to the side. Sit back and relax until it's time to play.

How to Play

Here's how you play the game. The soda cans should be sealed (unless you're going the water route), and the contestant should be standing in front of the table facing the cans at the start of the game. Begin the one-minute timer. The contestant takes the first can, opens it and drinks some of the contents. Then he or she attempts to balance the can on its beveled bottom edge. The contestant continues in this manner until the can is balanced, then moves on to the next one.

To win the game, all three cans must be balanced on their bottom beveled edges, at the same time, in one minute or less.

Rules and Tips

There are some rules to keep in mind as you play this game. The cans cannot be manipulated in any way (you can't crunch them or put dents in them to help with balance), you must drink the contents of the can (no pouring or dumping allowed) and all three cans must be balanced concurrently for three consecutive seconds for the win to count. Also, if a can falls off the table or is dropped, it is out of play and the contestant must take a new one. 

There are a few tips and tricks on how to better yourself at this drinking game. For instance, once you figure out how to balance the first can, make sure you take a couple of seconds to get a feel for how much liquid is inside. That will make drinking the next two cans a little quicker since you won't have to keep checking them. Just ensure that you don't drink too much soda from a can or it will never balance and you'll be forced to start over.


The most important tip, however, is to enjoy!