Miracle Prayer for Guidance on God's Will

How to Pray for God's Will for Your Decisions

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Through prayer, you can invite God to send the miracle of his divine guidance to help you make the best decisions. Burazin/Getty Images

When confusion stops you from making important decisions in your life, you need a miracle from God or one of his messengers (an angel) to guide you toward the best choices. Powerful prayers that work for guidance are prayers of faith that God or one of his angels will help you make decisions that reflect God's purposes for your life. Here's an example of how to pray for God's will:

“Dear God, I’m confused right now about what decision to make about [mention an important choice you’re facing].

I want to do your will and make the best decision to help fulfill your good purposes for my life. But I’m worried about moving forward without really knowing what to do; I’m afraid of what may go wrong in my life if I don’t choose well. I’m also excited about all the potential of the different paths before me, because I know that you will be at work in my life no matter which path I choose in this situation – as long as I walk beside you, trusting you on the journey.

Still, some choices will work out better for me than others, and it’s easy for me to feel stuck when I have so many potential choices without any clarity or confidence about how to move forward. I need you to give me wisdom and guide me through the process, God. So please send your guidance into my life in whatever ways are best – including through my guardian angel, who serves as one of your messengers.

Help me recognize the ways you’re already guiding me about this, such as by drawing my attention to a decision that reflects the unique way you have created me.

As I consider what I most like to do (my personal interests) and what I’m good at doing (my personal gifts and talents), show me how that information naturally guides me toward a certain type of choice that’s best for me to make about this. Alert me to any opportunities that you have opened up for me to take action in this situation in certain ways.

Show me how to find the answers I need to make the most well-informed decision possible. Help me be patient throughout the process of gathering enough information before reaching a conclusion about what to do in this situation. Teach me to think critically about my options and carefully analyze the pros and cons in light of your wisdom.

Renew my mind on a regular basis so I can think clearly. Give me the peace I need to be still and truly listen to the messages you and your angels are sending me. Purify my thoughts so I won't waste time and energy getting distracted or letting temptation to sin draw me away from what are actually the best choices for me to make. Keep moving in the right direction: toward you.

Give me a vision  or a dream of how you see this situation I'm trying to make a decision about, so I can understand it better by viewing it from an eternal perspective. Teach me to focus beyond what seems urgent to what is actually most important, and keep that in mind when making my decision. Show me how this particular decision fits within the framework of your overall plan for my life as a whole. Guide me to make a decision that promotes your purposes for me -- what kind of person you want me to become, and what kind of contributions you want me to make to the world in the future.

Please give a sense of peace about the decision you want me to make, God, and encourage me to take action once I know what to do. Thank you for being a wise and loving father in heaven who cares about every part of my life. Amen."

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