Miracle Prayer for Healing an Illness

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Through prayer, you can invite God to perform a miracle to heal you from an illness. Asiaselects/Getty Images

Do you need a miracle to heal from an illness? Powerful prayers that work for healing when you're sick are those that you pray with faith, believing that God can perform miracles and inviting God or his messengers (angels) to do so for your health. Here's an example of how to pray for miraculous healing to recover from an acute sickness or a chronic disease:

"Dear God, my Father in heaven, I believe that you see how I'm suffering right now with [name the type of illness that's afflicting you] and that you care deeply about the pain I'm going through because of it.

You designed my body to be healthy, so it saddens you to see sickness, which doesn't come from you but comes from living in a fallen, broken world.

My loving Father, I need a miracle from you heal from this illness, as well as to manage my condition every day that I must deal with it. Please heal my body and soul to the fullest extent of your will! I know that you will always heal my soul when I pray for help, because my soul will last forever. Sometimes you also choose to heal people's bodies, even though they only last for so long and will eventually die. There's no way I can predict what your healing plans are for me. But I do believe that you will respond to my prayers by doing what's best, according to your purposes for my life.

Please heal me through whatever means you choose, and give me and everyone who plays a part in my healing process -- such as my medical team and caregivers -- your wisdom to make the best decisions about how to treat this illness.

Please cure me completely, if you will, since there are no limits to your power. But if you choose to allow me to keep enduring this illness, please help me to remember that you would only choose that in order to accomplish a good spiritual purpose. Help me manage my health as well as I can each day, learn whatever lessons you want to teach me through my suffering, and reach out to help others who are living with the same disease I have.

Let me sense your constant love for me through loving messages from my guardian angel when I especially need encouragement. Thank you for restoring my body to good health in whatever way you will, and for restoring my soul to live in harmony with you. I look forward to heaven, where no disease can ever touch me again, and where I will enjoy living with you for eternity! Amen."

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