Miracles of Archangel Michael and the Virgin Mary in Garabandal, Spain

Michael and Mary Apparitions and Warnings, Miracle of the Host

Garabandal Spain miracle Mary Michael
Here, the four visionaries of Garabandal are in religious ecstasy. The girls said the Virgin Mary communicated with them during these trances, and that Archangel Michael prepared them for Mary's miraculous apparitions. Public Domain

Playing on a hillside in Garabandal, Spain in the summer of 1961, four children -- Conchita Gonzalez (12), Maria Dolores (Mari-loli) Mazon (12), Jacinta Gonzalez (12) and Maria Cruz Gonzalez (11) – suddenly heard a loud sound like thunder nearby. Then, they reported, Archangel Michael appeared within a bright light in front of them. Michael was to make more appearances at the same place when the girls returned there to pray, they said, and the archangel told them that he was preparing them for visits and messages from the Virgin Mary.

Here’s the story of the apparitions and miracles of Garabandal, Spain from 1961 to 1965 (including the “Miracle of the Host” Communion event), in which believers say God called people to pray and change their lives through Michael and Mary’s urging:

Archangel Michael Appears

After Michael first appeared on June 18th, said the four girls, he returned seven more times to the same place after they came back to the spot to pray. Michael simply smiled at Conchita, Mari-loli, Jacinta, and Maria, during six of his visits. But on June 24th, the children said, Michael directed their attention to a written sign beneath him. The startled and excited children couldn’t recall the sign’s message fully afterward; they said they just remembered that the sign had letters and Roman numerals on it.

On July 1st, Michael showed up with the sign once more. This time, Michael spoke audibly to the girls, announcing that he had come to prepare them to visit with Mary -- and that they would first encounter Mary the very next day.

The Virgin Mary Appears with Two Angels

The Virgin Mary showed up on July 2nd, said the girls -- just as Michael had told them she would. When Mary appeared, she was accompanied by two angels, the children reported. Both of the angels looked like Archangel Michael, they said, so either Michael was appearing in double (on both sides of Mary) or there was another angel with them (the girls weren't sure).

The apparition also featured a red square that was on fire and contained an eye of God symbol (a large eye within a triangle, representing God's ability to see everything) on Mary's right side.

Mary talked with the girls in the warm and loving way of a mother, the girls reported, discussing the latest news in the lives of the people they knew in Garabandal. Then Mary emphasized the importance of prayer and making sacrifices to live faithfully. Finally, she taught the children how to pray the Rosary prayer.

Spiritual Ecstasies

During each of the spiritual visions, the girls when into ecstatic trances during which they later reported that they had communicated with Mary or Michael. They often fell to their knees suddenly and violently on hard surfaces like rocks, and sometimes even ran down hills while in the trances -- yet somehow never got injured. The children looked up during the trances, intensely focusing on what they were seeing with joyful expressions on their faces.

Curious onlookers investigated by trying to break the children's trances in a variety of ways, such as pricking and scratching them with needles and shining powerful electric light into their eyes while the girls were in trance states.

But nothing broke the girls' concentration.

A variety of medical doctors and psychiatrists tested the children's physical and mental health in between some of their trances (when they were in normal states of interacting with other people) and declared Conchita, Mari-loli, Jacinta, and Maria all to be completely healthy.

A 5th Visionary's Death

Besides the children, the only other person to report seeing and communicating with Mary during the Garabandal apparitions was a Jesuit priest named Father Luis Marie Andreu. He reported encountering Mary on August 8, 1961 while praying in the village. Although Father Andreu was only 38 years old, with no history of any health problems, he died that night after excitedly talking about what he had experienced and saying that he believed the girls' experiences were true.

"What a sweet and lovely mother we have in heaven..." Father Andreu said just prior to suddenly dying. "How fortunate we are to have a mother like her in heaven!. There is no reason to fear the supernatural life...". When he finished speaking his last words -- "Why should the Blessed Virgin have chosen us? This is the happiest day of my life!" Father Andreu bowed his head and died.

The Miracle of the Host

A dramatic miracle involving Michael serving Conchita Communion in front of many witnesses -- including people who took pictures and filmed movie footage of the event -- came to be known as the "Miracle of the Host."

Conchita reported that Michael had informed her on May 2, 1962 that he was planning to send a miracle that would help all people believe: A Communion host (the bread wafer that Christians believe either becomes or represents Jesus Christ's body after it's consecrated in prayer) would appear supernaturally on Conchita's tongue when Michael planned to serve her Communion around midnight on July 18th. When the appointed date and time arrived, Conchita entered an ecstatic trance in her home and walked out into the street, where a large crowd of people was waiting to see what would happen. Onlookers had set up lights, cameras, and movie projectors in anticipation of the miracle possibly occurring.

Shortly after Conchita arrived, fell to her knees, and opened her mouth (which those in the crowd observed contained nothing yet), a white Communion wafer appeared on her tongue and stayed there for several minutes as witnesses recorded the event.

All four of the visionaries reported that, at some other times, Michael gave them Communion supernaturally during his visits. After they asked Michael about that, he replied that he had taken the hosts he used from "tabernacles on Earth" because "angels cannot consecrate" Communion, but human beings can.

Mary's Warnings

People need to pay more attention to the intense spiritual struggle between the forces of good and evil happening throughout the world, Mary warned the children through her visits from 1961 to 1965. She told them to urge people to pray often for themselves and other people, as well as to change their attitudes and actions to become more faithful to God and his son, Jesus Christ.

Michael -- God's top angel for fighting evil with the greater power of good -- can help anyone who calls on him for empowerment in the spiritual battles they face daily, Mary told the children. "I, your mother, through the intercession of Saint Michael the Archangel, ask you to amend your lives," the girls quoted Mary as telling them in one of her appearances.

Mary revealed prophecies about the world's future to the girls, they said, and that included four major upcoming events:

* a calamitous warning event that would occur in the sky worldwide to draw people's attention to the urgent need to turn away from sin and toward God

* a great miracle that would happen one year after the warning event to encourage people to develop stronger faith in God

* permanent miraculous signs at Garabandal and some other sites of Marian apparitions worldwide to remind people of God's unlimited power

* a chastisement event during which many people would die, if people don't respond faithfully to the warning and miracle events

The children said Mary told them she was sad and hurt to see how the world hadn't yet changed very much to become a better place -- as God would like to see happen -- because too many people were unwilling to turn away from sin and toward God.

"You should turn the wrath of God away from yourselves by your efforts," the girls reported Mary telling them during one of her last visits, on June 18, 1965. "If you ask his forgiveness with sincere hearts, he will pardon you. ... I love you very much and do not want your condemnation. Pray to us with sincerity and we will grant your requests. You should make more sacrifices. Think about the passion of Jesus."