Miraculous Weight Loss Stories: Women

Miracles of Women Trying to Lose Weight

Weight loss miracles can happen with hard work and faith. Jose Luis Pelaez Inc., Getty Images

Extraordinary weight loss can happen when people have the faith to try losing weight and are willing to work hard to take better care of the bodies God made for them. While God doesn't usually cause people to lose weight supernaturally, he does often bless the efforts of people who improve their lifestyle habits (like diet and exercise) to lose weight. Sometimes people trying to lose weight are so successful that their results are considered to be miraculous.

Here are the miraculous weight loss stories of three women:

* Rachel Frederickson: She lost 155 pounds during her time on season 15 of the popular television show "The Biggest Loser" and the fact that she dropped so much weight so quickly (within just several months) caused a public controversy. Some people were concerned that her drastic drop from 260 pounds to 105 pounds was unhealthy, causing too much stress on her body. Others were inspired by her quick, dramatic weight loss.

By December 2014, Frederickson had gained about 20 pounds and appeared much healthier than she did on the show's finale in February 2014, quieting concerns that perhaps she had developed an eating disorder or another unhealthy approach to weight loss during her time on the show.

Frederickson said that she had originally become overweight from using food to comfort herself while dealing with self-esteem problems that stemmed from an unhealthy romantic relationship.

Lacking confidence and feeling lonely after breaking up with her boyfriend, she tried to make herself feel better by eating large amounts of unhealthy food.

During the televised competition, Frederickson blogged later, "I worked on building myself up both mentally and physically while staying focused on the positive.

It was hard listening to the voices that tried to bring me down, but I was determined never to give up."

Frederickson wrote that at the show's finale "I had never felt stronger" and that she was "extremely proud" of herself and her accomplishments. But she admitted after the controversy over her drastic weight loss that "maybe I was a little too enthusiastic in my training" and decided to gain back some weight to reach the healthiest range for her body's frame.

"I found strength in this struggle and am listening to my own voice again!" Frederickson wrote. She credited her weight loss journey for inspiring her to set new goals in her own life, as well as helping others set goals in their lives through a new career helping people find their dream jobs.

In her blog, Frederickson challenged readers to consider how they want to use the power of their own voices in the world: "Is your voice going to be one that tears others down or one that lifts this world up with positivity, hope, and love?"

* Jessica Oliver: Oliver weighed 269 pounds when she collapsed at her job and woke up in a hospital emergency room. Even though she was only 17 years old, Oliver learned from doctors there that her excess weight was already affecting the health of her heart.

They prescribed blood pressure medication for her and urged her to lose weight.

Despite that experience, Oliver said, she wasn't motivated enough to try to lose weight until her daughter was born years later and her father was diagnosed with congestive heart failure while only in his 40s. She found herself afraid about her future, wanting to avoid further damaging her heart from being overweight so she could be healthy for her daughter as long as possible.

Oliver began her weight loss efforts by taking short walks every day. Then she changed her diet to focus on eating foods that provide the best nutrients, such as vegetables, fruits, and fish. Oliver later joined a gym to exercise regularly. She was so inspired by her exercise experiences that she started running seriously -- and eventually competed in marathons.

After losing more than 130 pounds, Oliver experienced amazing healing. She had good heart function and no longer even needed to take any blood pressure medication.

* Olivia Ward: While competing on season 11 of the TV show "The Biggest Loser" (which she won), Ward lost nearly half of her body weight, dropping from 261 pounds to 132 pounds.

Ward's obesity was preventing her from achieving certain goals, she said: having a baby (doctors diagnosed her with polycystic ovary syndrome, which is associated with being overweight) and getting the opera roles she wanted (Ward, a mezzo-soprano singer, said she had been chosen to play ugly or silly characters, but not leading ladies, because of her appearance).

Her sister, Hannah Curlee, competed along with Ward, and the two encouraged each other throughout the process. Curlee placed second at the show's finale.

Ward said the experience of working hard to lose weight changed not just her body, but also her soul, since she discovered lots of joy through her efforts. Inspired to help others get fit, Ward changed her career from an opera singer to a fitness cycling instructor.