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Christina Morris

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On August 30, 2014, Christina Morris of Fort Worth, Texas, disappeared from a mall parking garage after spending an evening visiting with friends in Plano. It was several days before anyone realized that she was missing.

Here are the most recent developments in the Christina Morris case.

Remains Found in Wooded Area

March 2018- Found by construction workers, the Collin County Medical Examiner identified remains found in a wooded area of Anna, Texas as those of Christina Morris.

Hair Samples Delay Arochi Trial

Oct. 28, 2015 - The trial of a man accused of kidnapping a missing Fort Worth woman from a Plano, Texas shopping center in August 2014 has been delayed so that investigators can run DNA tests on hair samples.

Enrique Arochi had been scheduled to go on trial November 30 for the kidnapping of Christina Morris, but a judge has delayed the trial until possibly June 2016 to give Texas Department of Safety investigators time to conduct tests on hairs retrieved from a vacuum cleaner where Arochi worked.

Police believe Arochi used the vacuum to clean out his 2010 Chevy Camaro shortly after he was seen walking with Morris into a parking garage at The Shops at Legacy in Plano. Other hair from Morris was found in the Camaro's trunk opening and on a mat inside the trunk, authorities said.

Investigators discovered more hairs inside the vacuum cleaner at a Sprint store where Arochi was a manager and where he showed up for work hours after Morris disappeared.

Officials expect DNA testing on the hair to take up to 12 weeks.

Morris, 24, has been charged with only aggravated kidnapping in the case. He has been in jail without bond waiting for trial since December 2014.

Mom Still Searching for Christina Morris

Aug. 30, 2015 - A year after a 23-year-old Texas woman disappeared after walking into a mall parking garage after visiting friends in Plano, her mother hasn't stopped searching. Jonni McElroy, the mother of Christina Morris, plans to continue until her daughter is found.

McElroy told reporters a year after the incident that she hopes the man accused of abducting her daughter will someday reveal her whereabouts.

"I'm not going to stop searching," McElroy said. "Why would I? There's no reason. The only reason is when I find her or have an answer."

She said that she believes Enrique Arochi, a former classmate of Morris and the man accused of her kidnapping, knows where her daughter is.

"It is my hope that he will finally say something," McElroy said.

According to court records, investigators believe that Arochi left the parking garage at The Shops at Legacy in Plano with Morris in the trunk of his vehicle. Her blood and saliva were found on the edge of the car's trunk.

Her cell phone was pinging various cell towers while she was inside the trunk of his vehicle, police said. They believe he returned to the parking garage with Morris still in the trunk and then returned to his home 40 minutes later.

Authorities believe Arochi planned to sexually assault Morris and became angry when she rejected his advances.

Arochi has maintained his innocence, and his attorney said the police account of events is "based largely on conjecture and speculation, and leave many questions unanswered."

The next hearing in the case is scheduled November 30.

Grand Jury Indicts Arochi

Mar. 10, 2015 - The suspect in the disappearance of a Forth Worth woman has been indicted by a Collin County grand jury on charges in two separate cases. Enrique Arochi, 24, has been indicted for aggravated kidnapping in the case of Christina Morris, who vanished August 30.

Arochi was also indicted on sexual assault charges stemming from a sexual relationship he had with a 16-year-old girl between Oct. 22, 2012, and Feb. 22, 2013.

According to court papers, Arochi told the girl that he was 19 years old when he was 22. He is being held on $100,000 bond on the child sex charge.

Arochi is also under $1 million bond for the aggravated kidnapping charge.

Man Arrested in Christina Morris Case

Dec. 13, 2014 - The man last seen on surveillance video entering a parking garage with a missing Texas woman has been arrested in connection with the case. Authorities said inconsistent statements and DNA collected during the investigation led to the arrest of Enrique Gutierrez Arochi in the disappearance of Christina Morris.

Arochi, 24, who was a high school friend of Morris, was charged with aggravated kidnapping, a first-degree felony.

Morris and Arochi had been partying with other friends in Plano, Texas on the night she vanished. They left the party at 3:45 on August 30 and were captured on video entering a parking garage together at 3:55 a.m.

Although investigators showed Arochi a still photograph of he and Morris in the garage, he denied that they were in the parking facility together.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, DNA evidence indicates that Morris left the parking garage in the trunk of Arochi's vehicle. Data from her cell phone also shows that she was in his vehicle, although he told police she was never in the car.

There were other inconsistencies in his statements to police:

  • Arochi said Morris was arguing with her boyfriend on the phone as they entered the garage, but his cell phone was used to text her boyfriend at 3:50, 3:53 and 3:55 a.m.
  • Arochi said he must have loaned Morris is phone because hers was not working, contradicting himself, according to court papers
  • He said he drove straight home from the garage, but Toll records show that he took a different route to this Allen, Texas home.
  • He told detectives that Morris had never been in his car. DNA collected during the investigation may have contradicted that statement.
  • He lied to police about how the front end of his Chevy Camaro was damaged, according to auto body repair experts.

According to an affidavit filed in the case, Arochi walked with a limp when he showed up for work following the weekend and told an employee that his ribs hurt. The employee saw a bite mark on Arochi's arm that he blamed on a fight the night before.

Arochi is being held in the Collins County Jail on a $1 million bond. Where he is also on a federal immigration hold, officials said.

Missing Woman's Boyfriend Busted for Drugs

Dec. 10, 2014 - The boyfriend of a 23-year-old Texas woman, who vanished under suspicious circumstances in August, has been indicted on drug charges which authorities said are unrelated to the disappearance of Christina Morris.

Hunter Foster, who police said has an alibi for the night that Christina disappeared in Plano, has been indicted along with 14 other people on drug conspiracy charges. The charges are related to a drug trafficking operation.

Foster was arrested at a northwest Dallas strip club where an after-hours operation takes place, according to police.

Family members told authorities that Christina had been upset with Foster's drug activities and had threatened, shortly before she vanished, to leave him because of it.

Meanwhile, investigators have been looking into the high school friend of Christina's who was seen walking into the Plano parking garage with her the night she disappeared on August 30. Enrique Arochi said the two went their separate ways after entering the garage, but Christina's car was found unmoved in the garage.

Police believe the only way that Christina could have left the garage undetected by surveillance cameras was in Arochi's vehicle.

In September, they requested a search warrant for Arochi's car, claiming in the warrant that he intentionally made false statements that hindered investigators in locating Morris. Also in the warrant, detectives said Arochi's vehicle had sustained damage and had recently been detailed.

Fort Worth Woman Reported Missing

Sept. 6, 2014 - Plano, Texas police have asked the public's help in searching for a Fort Worth woman who vanished after walking into a parking garage with a friend near a shopping mall on Saturday, Aug. 30, 2014.

Christina Marie Morris, 23, who was visiting friends in Plano, was last seen near The Shops At Legacy and walking with a friend into the parking garage at 5717 Legacy Drive early Saturday morning. She and her friend parked on opposite sides of the garage and walked separate ways shortly after entering the garage; the friend told police.

Police Release Surveillance Video

Plano police have released the surveillance video of the two walking into the parking garage just before 4 a.m.

"The guy (in the video) is a friend of hers from high school. They had been at a friend's apartment hanging out and walked back together," Plano police spokesman David Tilley told reporters.

Reported Missing Tuesday, Sept. 2

Although she was last seen around 4 a.m. Aug. 30, it took a couple of days for friends and family members to realize that she wasn't returning anyone's calls and no one had been in contact with her. Consequently, her parents did not file a missing person report on Morris until Tuesday, September 2.

Police quickly located Morris' vehicle still in the parking garage. They say her cell phone is either turned off or her battery is dead. Her cell phone's last usage was traced to The Shops At Legacy mall.

Canvassing the Shopping Mall

This week Morris' mother, Jonni McElroy, went to the shopping mall and canvassed the merchants in hopes of finding anyone who was in contact with Morris before she disappeared.

"I'm not leaving. I will not leave here until I find clues to find my daughter," she told reporters.

Morris' boyfriend also got involved in search this week, turning to social media to seek help in finding her.

Using Social Media

"I'm worried sick and will do anything to get any information on the last time anyone has seen or talked to her please help and pray that she is ok," he said on Facebook. "Police are involved, and we are going to find her and whoever has taken her or whoever she is with."

His efforts apparently helped when more than 60 volunteers turned up Saturday, Sept. 6, to search the area around The Shops At Legacy mall.

Volunteers Search Mall Area

Working with the Plano police, the volunteers — described as family, friends, and friends of friends - were organized into groups of four to search the fields, bushes and storm drain around the mall and garage area. They were looking for any sign of Morris or any of her belongings.

Each group of four volunteers included a Plano police officer, Tilley said.

August 30 Photo Shown

In the composite photograph of Morris above, a photo from her Facebook page appears on the left, while the picture on the right is one that police say was made the night she disappeared, showing how she looked and what she was wearing.

Morris is described as 5'-4" and 100 pounds. She has brown eyes and blonde hair.

Anyone who has information about the case is asked to call the Plano Police at 972-424-5678.

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