Bills Put Forth by the Missouri Pet Breeders Associaiton

Advocates for Better Conditions for Puppy Mills Have Enemies in Missouri

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Missouri has been the top puppy mill state for decades. A lobby for the puppy mill industry, Missouri Pet Breeders Association, is attempting to urge local sheriffs to ignore complaints filed by the public and not turn them over to state inspectors for follow through. Even the existing laws are being ignored, If that's not bad enough, some state legislators are working against us to protect the worst puppy mills without regard for the animals suffering in deplorable conditions.

For example, 

HB 1414 and SB 928

These bills would ban state agencies from letting the general public see puppy health certificates or commercial dog breeder kennel inspection reports.When an uninformed, naive consumer buys a puppy, at least s/he has a right to know the quality of the place where the puppy came from. This bill would mean that if you spend thousands of dollars on a puppy, you wouldn't have the right to know if the puppy came from a law-abiding breeder. 

​​SB 1024

This bill would strip communities of their right to enact ordinances that mandate pet shops acquire animals from animal shelters as opposed to puppy mills. A state legislator certainly has a right to disagree with any ordinance a community wants to enact. But local communities should be allowed to write their own rules for local businesses. Communities all over the country are demanding their county or city commissioners ban pet stores where puppy mill puppies are sold.

Hundreds of cities have already banned those pet stores and more are added to the list every month.

HB 2604

This bill is to ban animal protection groups from soliciting donations in Missouri for out-of-state charities. If passed, it would give the government power to ban charities with which they disagree from raising money, This move is unconstitutional and would be aggressively challenged, causing taxpayers in Missouri to pay thousands in legal fees.

Protecting the lawmakers and their allies in the nefarious industry of puppy mills and Big Agribusiness would be a priority instead of the welfare of the animals.

John Goodwin is the Senior Director of the Stop Puppy Mills Campaign at The Humane Society of the United States.














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