Mitosis Quiz

Anaphase - Mitosis
Cell in Anaphase of Mitosis. Credit: Roy van Heesbeen

Mitosis Quiz

This mitosis quiz is designed to test your knowledge of mitotic cell division. Cell division is a process that enables organisms to grow and reproduce. Dividing cells go through an ordered series of events called the cell cycle.

Mitosis is a phase of the cell cycle in which the genetic material from a parent cell is divided equally between two daughter cells. Before a dividing cell enters mitosis it goes through a growth period called interphase. In this phase, the cell duplicates its genetic material and increases its organelles and cytoplasm. Next, the cell enters the mitotic phase. Through a sequence of steps, chromosomes are equally distributed to two daughter cells.

Mitosis Stages

Mitosis consists of several stages: prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase.

Finally, the dividing cell goes through cytokinesis (dividing of the cytoplasm) and two daughter cells are formed.

Somatic cells, cells of the body other than sex cells, are reproduced by mitosis. These cells are diploid and contain two sets of chromosomes. Sex cells reproduce by a similar process called meiosis. These cells are haploid and contain one set of chromosomes.

Do you know the phase of the cell cycle in which a cell spends 90 percent of its time? Test your knowledge of mitosis. To take the Mitosis Quiz, simply click on the "Start The Quiz" link below and select the correct answer for each question. JavaScript must be enabled to view this quiz.


JavaScript must be enabled to view this quiz.

To learn more about mitosis before taking the quiz, visit the Mitosis page.

Mitosis Study Guide

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