Mandarin Chinese Words for Vehicles and Modes of Transportation

Learn the names of common vehicles and modes of transportation in Mandarin Chinese. Each entry has a sound clip for pronunciation and listening practice.


Ambulance car, medical service
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English: Ambulance
Pinyin: jiùhùchē
Traditional: 救護車
Simple: 救护车
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Bicycle Icon On The Road
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English: Bicycle
Pinyin: jiǎotàchē
Traditional: 腳踏車
Simple: 脚踏车
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Big set of sea boats and little fishing ships. Sailboats flat vector icons
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English: Boat
Pinyin: chuán
Traditional: 船
Simple: 船
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Bus vector icon
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English: Bus
Pinyin: gōng chē
Traditional: 公車
Simple: 公车
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Parking lot with two cars on light blue background.
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English: Car
Pinyin: qìchē
Traditional: 汽車
Simple: 汽车
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English: Helicopter
Pinyin: zhíshēngjī
Traditional: 直昇機
Simple: 直升机
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Hot Air Balloon

Landscape with Vintage Hot Air Balloons
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English: Hot Air Balloon
Pinyin: rè qì qiú
Traditional: 熱汽球
Simple: 热汽球
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Urban Woman
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English: Moped
Pinyin: jī tà chē
Traditional: 機踏車
Simple: 机踏车
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monochrome retro bike cruiser chopper for design
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English: Motorcycle
Pinyin: mótuōchē
trad: 摩托車
Simple: 摩托车
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Ocean Liner

Vector illustration of sea cruise ship isolated on blue
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English: Ocean Liner
Pinyin: yóu lún
Traditional: 遊輪
Simple: 游轮
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Departures and arrivals symbol
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English: Plane
Pinyin: fēijī
Traditional: 飛機
Simple: 飞机
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Sail Boat

Boat icon with long shadow.
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English: Sail Boat
Pinyin: fánchuán
Traditional: 帆船
Simple: 帆船
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Taxi Yellow Car Cab Isolated on white background. Vector Illustration.
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English: Taxi
Pinyin: jìchéngchē
Traditional: 計程車
Simple: 计程车
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Passenger and transportation trains vector collection
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English: Train
Pinyin: huǒchē
Traditional: 火車
Simple: 火车
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Delivery vector truck. service van silhouette
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English: Truck
Pinyin: kǎchē
Traditional: 卡車
Simple: 卡车
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Delivery van and map on city background. Transport services, logistics and freight of goods concept.
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English: Van
Pinyin: xiāng xíng chē
Traditional: 箱型車
Simple: 箱型车
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