Molly Hall

Molly Hall has written about Astrology for over ten years, and seeks to make it practical, as well as enlightening. 


Molly Hall has been a reporter for the Associated Press, a Tarot reader in NYC and San Francisco and a screenwriter.  She's authored an Astrology book, and contributed to several books, including writing an entry on the Tarot for The Symbol Dictionary, published by Taschen Books via the Carl Jung Society of New York. 

From Molly Hall:

Astrology, as a language of the stars, reaches far back into the mists of time, and our ancestral memory.  It's fascinating to consider that some of the earliest known structures still standing, are aligned with the Sun, planets and stars. 

I'm especially interested in offering something timeless, with a special focus on natural time, and the solar seasons and its celebrations.  In this way, Astrology can be a natural clock to live by.

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M.A. in Humanities (2000) with emphasis in Women's Spirituality, California Institute for Integral Studies and New College.

B.A. in German and English (1990), completed at Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany with degree from Florida State University.

Molly Hall

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