Montana Jones and the Gymnasium of Doom

One Act Play for Kids

"Montana Jones and the Gymnasium of Doom" is a one act comedy written by Wade Bradford. Even though there are "grown up" characters such as teachers and bus drivers, it is designed to be performed by performers age 10 to 14. However, it may also be ideal for mixed ages, from kids to adults. The following scene may be used for educational purposes.

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Montana Jones and the Gymnasium of Doom:

Setting: The scene takes place at the bus stop, but the story will soon be taking the characters to many different parts of their school. Backdrops and set pieces might be a nice touch to indicate the different locations. However, a blank stage, strategically placed chairs, and the audience's imagination could serve just as well.

Lights on: A girl stands on stage, a backpack slung over her shoulder. She is waiting for the bus. A boy enters, still tired from getting up at the crack of dawn.

JAMIE: Hi Dwayne.

DWAYNE: Oh. Hi Jamie.

JAMIE: What have you been up to?

DWAYNE: Oh. You know. Waiting for the bus.

JAMIE: I mean besides that, silly.

DWAYNE: Oh yeah. Right. Uh... Nothing. How about you?

JAMIE: I tried a new cereal today. It has cornflakes and blueberries.


JAMIE: Yeah. Wow. It's sad that a new breakfast food is going to be the highlight of my day.

DWAYNE: At least you had breakfast. I forgot.

JAMIE: Did you ever imagine our lives would be this dull?

DWAYNE Well, maybe something fun will happen at school today.

JAMIE School? Fun?

They both laugh.

DWAYNE I know, I was just joking.

JAMIE You know, sometimes I miss elementary school. Remember in second grade?

Every day, after lunch, you and I would play frisbee. We'd make believe it was a space ship?

DWAYNE No, you'd pretend it was a space ship, I'd pretend it was my viking shield.

JAMIE Why don't we do stuff like that any more?

DWAYNE Because one day I tried to beat the world record frisbee throw and we never saw it again.

JAMIE I mean, why don't we ever -- I don't know -- your shoe's untied.

DWAYNE (Starting to tie his shoe.) Thanks. I guess this is what happens when you get to the 8th Grade (or whatever grade the actors are in). The world starts to become boring.

JAMIE Yep. We're growing up. No more recess. No more adventure.

MONTANA Did someone say adventure?

Montana Jones enters. He is a rugged explorer, wearing a fedora, and a leathery jacket. He might be covered in spider webs. He carries an old looking map, torn and burnt at the edges.


MONTANA Aha, fellow explorers!

JAMIE Uh, we're not explorers.

MONTANA You mean, you're from around here?


MONTANA Perfect. The local natives. Exactly what I need to get back on the right path.

JAMIE The right path to where?

MONTANA To the ultimate treasure?

DWAYNE In this town?

MONTANA Yes. In a place called a "school." (Or, if the director chooses, he can say the name of the actual school.)

JAMIE That's the name of our school.

MONTANA You mean you have been there??? There's no time to lose; show me on the map.

DWAYNE I don't know how to give directions. We just wait for the bus and it takes us there.

JAMIE: Who are you anyway?

MONTANA: The name's Jones. Montana Jones.

DWAYNE Don't you mean--

MONTANA No, you're thinking of my brother. I am way more handsome and far less intelligent. So, when does this so called bus arrive?

JAMIE There it is now.

A Bus Driver and Students enter. They can be carrying a 2-D cut out of the school bus, or they might simply be pantomiming riding on the bus. In either case, the actor playing the Bus Driver should be making loud motor noises as they "drive" onto the stage, rather slowly.

MONTANA It's coming straight for us! Get out of the way!

Jumping in exaggerated slow motion, Montana pulls Jamie and Dwayne off to the side.

The bus comes to a stop, a good distance from the kids.

MONTANA I saved your lives.

DWAYNE Are you crazy? It wasn't even close to us.

MONTANA Yep. I saved your lives. And now you two owe me a life debt. You can make up for it by becoming explorers and leading me to the treasure.

BUS DRIVER (Speaking in a gruff, old lady voice that's hard to undertstand.) Hurry up and get on yer gol' dern kids! I dern't have all day, you murglefergle-bins.

DWAYNE We better do what Mrs. Grunckle says.

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