How to Conjugate the French Regular Verb 'Montrer' ('to Show')

'Montrer' is a regular '-er' verb, the largest group of French verbs

Montrer, ("to show, display, produce, exhibit") is a regular French -er verb, which means it belongs to the largest group of verbs in the French language. They share conjugation patterns in all tenses and moods.

'Montrer' Is a Regular '-er' Verb

To use étudier, begin by removing the -er ending from the infinitive. This reveals the stem of the verb. Then to conjugate the verb, add the endings (shown in the table below) to the stem.

Note that the table lists only simple conjugations. Compound conjugations, which consist of a form of the auxiliary verb avoir and the past participle montré, are not included.

Generally speaking, the five largest categories of verbs in French are: regular -er, -ir and -re; stem-changing; and irregular. Once you learn the rules of conjugation for each kind of regular verb, you should have no problem actually conjugating them. The largest category of French verbs is by far regular -er verbs.

'Montrer': Uses and Expressions

  • Montrez-moi votre billet. > Show me your ticket.
  • Picasso montrait son chef d'œuvre à Paris. > Picasso exhibited his masterpiece in Paris.
  • J'ai montré Marie au docteur. (familiar) > I had the doctor take a look at Marie.
  • montrer le poing à quelqu'un > to shake one's fist at someone
  • montrer patte blanche > to produce one's credentials
  • montrer ses cartes > to show one's hand
  • Il a montré la richesse extraordinaire de sa famille. > He flaunted his family's extraordinary wealth.
  • montrer la sortie > to point out the exit
  • ça montre bien que... > it just goes to show that...
  • se montrer [pronominal] > to appear (in public)
  • Je ne peux pas me montrer dans cet état ! > I can't let people see me like this.
  • se montrer à son avantage > to show oneself in a good light
  • Elle adore se montrer. > She loves to be seen (in public).
  • se montrer d'un grand égoïsme > to display great selfishness

Common French Regular '-er' Verbs 

  • aimer > to like, to love
  • arriver > to arrive, to happen
  • chanter > to sing
  • chercher > to look for
  • commencer > to begin
  • danser > to dance
  • demander > to ask for
  • dépenser > to spend (money)
  • détester > to hate
  • donner > to give
  • écouter > to listen to
  • étudier > to study
  • fermer > to close
  • goûter > to taste
  • jouer > to play
  • laver > to wash
  • manger > to eat
  • nager > to swim
  • parler > to talk, to speak
  • passer > to pass, spend (time)
  • penser > to think
  • porter > to wear, to carry
  • regarder > to watch, to look at
  • rêver > to dream
  • sembler > to seem
  • skier > to ski
  • travailler > to work
  • trouver > to find
  • visiter > to visit (a place)
  • voler > to fly, to steal

Simple Conjugations of the Regular French Verb 'Montrer'

 Present  Future  Imperfect Present participle
ilmontremontreramontraitPassé composé
nousmontronsmontreronsmontrions   Auxiliary verb avoir
vousmontrezmontrerezmontriez   Past participle montré
 Subjunctive Conditional Passé simple Imperfect subjunctive
(nous) montrons