Moon Signs Love Compatibility

Secret Love Intel

Credit: Dave and Les Jacobs / Getty Images.

The Moon comes out when the Honeymoon period is over. It's the traits and peccadilloes that are revealed when you're not working hard to impress the other.

When the relationship settles into a groove, or you move in together -- this is when Moon compatibility (or lack of it) comes out.

Learning about your Moon Sign -- and your lovers -- is valuable love intel. You then have a way to understand the deeper nature. The Moon is often associated with the soul, and emotional origins. We discover how we experienced Mother, the mood of the home, and what is soothing.

Indeed, it's like knowing something private about the other. It may encompass the bundle of unconscious baggage we seek to make sense of, hide or deny. And it's how we relate in love on the most intimate levels.


Not long after I met my husband, I ran some charts (of course!) My friend thought he was a bit rough-looking for me, but the compatibility in the chart was phenomenal. Along with a Venus-Mars match up both ways, we have Gemini Moons in the same degree!

I felt like Lynn Redgrave in the movie Shine, where she compared charts and saw something magical in them.  Do ya'll remember that scene?  And that confirmed for me to trust the spark that was there, despite us being so different. I wrote a post about this on our five year anniversary.

When Moons are conjunct -- in the same Zodiac sign -- there's a homey feeling. You both tend to react to crises in the same way. There can be telepathy, and as in the case of my man and I, shared dreams! A great indicator of domestic bliss, Moons that are in synch mean you like the same atmosphere at home.

Different Moods

When Moons square, there is tension at the heart of the relationship. Now keep in mind, some bonds grow tighter, when there's a provoking spark. This keeps it interesting.

Here's Cafe Astrology on challenging aspects (square or opposition): "It is more difficult for the two of you to be in sync with each other because of this aspect. When one is up, the other may be down, or one of you is a night person while the other is an early bird.

Timing can be tricky, and it will take some adjustment to find a way to relate and reduce frustrations. Certain habits or idiosyncrasies of your partner can be almost unbearable for you. With time, patience and love, each of you can modify the most offensive irritants, and the rest will simply have to be tolerated if you plan to share a residence."

Estranged Moons

Recently, I did a couples synastry reading for two friends with Moons that are quincunx (inconjunct) to each other. That means they are 150 degrees apart. In this case, the element and the modality are both different, making it hard to "get" each other.

Though there was a lot of what evolutionary astrologers would see as "karmic" along with many planets in harmony, the Moons seemed estranged. This stood out. They had difficulty reassuring each other emotionally. One was fixed earth, and she craves stability, calm and groudnedness. The other is cardinal air, and he finds his feet by talking and being intensely engaged in the idea of the partnership.

With the commitment to compromise again and again, estranged Moons can overcome these differences. There may also be some letting go required -- letting go of expectations -- to accept the other as they are. And not how you want or need them to be.

Moons in Synch

Moons of the same element (fire, earth, air or water) have similar ways of translating their emotions. Emotions of others, especially those close to us, can be triggers for our own. If we're not okay with how someone emotes, or they make us deeply uncomfortable, it could be a Moon thing. The Moon is about the comfort zone.

Fire sign Moons are quick to react, excitable and love to be on the move. Earth sign Moons are sensual and flourish when stable structures are in place -- at home and work.

Air sign Moons discuss emotions and often see them as if from the outside. Water sign Moons are emotionally sensitive, and often tuned in to deeper currents (what's not said).

Moon Signs in Love

When the Moon is in Aries

Quick to get angry; quick to get over it. Bold with what they perceive as true. Doesn't adjust themselves to make others feel better. Tough love. Encouraging and a catalyst. Attracted to animated individuals who do their own thing.

When the Moon is in Taurus

Very rooted with a sense of place. Heavy in their body, lover of creature comforts. Relaxes in nature or being immersed in a sensual experience (cooking, making music, loving). Slow to change. Attracted to providers and the established, artists and artisans.

When the Moon is in Gemini

Talks about emotions -- can be a manic over talker. Delights in the new or weird, or the humorous angle. Bonds with ideas, jokes, stories, fantasy scenarios. Attracted to bright minds, comics, playful characters.

When the Moon is in Cancer

Sensitive, very bonded to family (Mother in particular). Lover of home, and gets along well with women. Sentimental, remembers everything, has a hard time letting go. Attracted to those they feel "at home" with, motherly types, those that create safety.

When the Moon is in Leo

Big-hearted and dramatic. Very romantic and eager to show affection with generous gifts or creations. A cheerleader, a regal lover who expects respect. Attracted to striking people with something special going on, big spenders, playful and funny.

When the Moon is in Virgo

Feels safe in familiar routines. Conservative with getting close -- hard to get to know. Devoted, sincere and eager to please. Likes clean places and people. Attracted to punctual, attentive and wholesome lovers.

When the Moon is in Libra

Walks on air, very charismatic. Uncanny ability to mirror back what the other wants or needs to hear. Feels safe in a twosome, facing the world together. No such thing as too much togetherness, which can be stifling for others. Attracted to thoughtful, considerate lovers with good etiquette and style.

When the Moon is in Scorpio

Concealed intensity, still waters run deep. May experience relationship traumas that change them completely. Very psychic and loyal to those that win their trust. Attracted to mysterious (and sometimes dangerous) lovers, sexual magnetism, perceptive minds.

When the Moon is in Sagittarius

Friendly and open to many kinds of connections. Sexually adventurous. Playful, light and one that demands full freedom. Attracted to high spirited lovers, and those from very different cultures, races or backgrounds. A lover (and friend) in every port. Attracted to those that are friends first, expansive philosophies, agile lovers.

When the Moon is in Capricorn

Saturn rules emotional life, so go easy on this misunderstood soul. Serious, sometimes melancholy. Craves longevity in romance and a rock-solid home life. Attracted to movers and shakers, the worldly, solid upstanding citizens.

When the Moon is in Aquarius

Remote at times, friendly and bright-minded. Hard for them to put into words how they feel. Love freedom of expression and movement. Eccentric, distant, often tuned in to a distant message. Attracted to unusual people, intellectuals, those at cutting edge.

When the Moon is in Pisces

Lost and dreamy, nebulous with their emotions. Times of checking out, need lots of solitude. Romantic and compassionate, their empathy makes them feel everything. Ultra sensitive to the environment, drawn to enchanting atmospheres. Attracted to the bewitching, the spiritual, kindness, eclectic styles and ways and the deeply intimate.