Moon Signs Through the Zodiac

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In astrology, the Moon is your comfort zone.  You Moon sign hints at what kinds of things feed your spirit, and your instinctive nature.

There's some mystery to muse on with the Moon.  The Moon is a Muse, in fact. 

It holds clues to your ancestral heritage, past lives, and the emotional atmosphere that shaped you.

Were you born at the Full Moon?  The New Moon?  Your Moon phase reveals more about your emotional nature.


Find out about your Moon by looking for the symbol on the birth chart.

Here are the Moon Signs:

Aries Moon

When you're stressed out, you've got to take action!  You feel well-being when expressing emotions in a fiery, direct (often impulsive) way. You show love through actions, and need to stay challenged to be happy.

Taurus Moon

You need your creature comforts, and don't like to be rushed.  You thrive in situations that feel stable, while being nourished by the rhythm of the day.  You have the patience to build things up slowly, and is grounded in the pleasures of the senses.

Gemini Moon

If you're anxious, you start scanning the 'net or flipping through books or magazines.  You get a warm feeling from the colorful exchange of ideas, stories, jokes and interesting tidbits. You like to keep moving, and engage with others lightly.

Cancer Moon

You never forget a slight and have a pre-emptive attitude to rejection.

  Yet, you find it natural to share emotions and nurture others at an intimate level. You are sensitive, changeable, imaginative, with an instinctual need to return to home base for nourishment.

Leo Moon

You rage at times, but are mostly naturally cheerful.  Has a strong need for self-expression and the enthusiastic approval of others.

Can be generous, a natural at friendship, playfully childlike, and supportive of the dreams of others.

Virgo Moon

If things are untidy, you're liable to freak out and not be able to relax.  You are a creature of habits who loves to sort, edit, analyze and keep refining the routine. You have an instinct for purifying the self, and can be a healing force for others.

Libra Moon

You've got an easy-breezy way about you, and are a natural in a twosome.  You're a lover of all things beautiful and harmonious, with an instinct for creating balance in relationships. You need the mirror of the other, in order to see all the dimensions of who you are.

Scorpio Moon

It's said (in astrology books), that you'll experience a few life-changing events, and possibly marry more than once.  You're intense emotionality can bring turbulence, but also plunge deep into relationships. You sense the hidden reality of life, and has a sixth sense that goes beyond intuition.

Sagittarius Moon

You keep a cool head in a crisis, and can often charm your way out of trouble.  You're a true adventurer at heart, with the world as home, exploring and learning throughout life. You're nourished by inspiring ideas, curious people, and actively pursuing new experiences.

Capricorn Moon

When you're stressed out, you throw yourself into a satisfying project that's a worthy goal.  You find it comforting to work, as part of an innate need to achieve and experience worldly success. You can be deeply private and reluctant to share feelings, but with a reservoir of emotional depth to draw from.

Aquarius Moon

You're naturally a beat apart from others emotionally, but that doesn't mean you're not friendly.  You have a detachment that lends a broad, abstract vision, making them able to see how things are interconnected.  You can be self-contained, and solitary, but comes alive in the larger sphere of groups.

Pisces Moon

You often feel a profound lack of boundaries, which makes them vulnerable to all the energies in the environment. You're imaginative, and aware of the subtle ways we're all connected.

  You're nourished through creativity and the search for a mystical connection to spirit.

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