Morbid Pleasures - Strange Stories About Death

Weird News on Life Support

Dying for some graveyard giggles? Here's news to tickle a dead man's funny bone.
It's never easy letting go. But police say a Vietnamese man dug up his wife's remains and slept with them for five years, according to a report. He originally tried sleeping on the grave... but dug a tunnel to sleep inside it because he didn't want to get rained on. Eventually, he just dug her up and brought her home.
Mourners at the funeral for Kenneth "Tex" Roberts, held in Philadelphia, had a strong suspicion that something was wrong. The body in the casket didn't look like their deceased loved one... because it wasn't.

Urn Art

Personal Urn
Forget the vase-shaped urn that sits forgotten on the mantle. The personal urn looks just like your own head, allowing you to stare out at your ancestors for generations. Cremation Solutions
Perhaps you thought Egyptian pharos were the only ones who got to be buried in a statue sculpted in their own image. The age of the sarcophagus might be over, but you can have your cremated ashes stuffed in a Personal Urn -- a $2,600 statue of your head that your friends and family can gaze upon after you die.

No Wienermobile at Oscar Mayer's Funeral

Wienermobile. Courtesy of
Oscar Mayer -- the grandson of the lunch meat icon -- is dead at 95. But the hot dog-shaped "Wienermobile" will not make a showing at his funeral.

Tomb Raiders

Seth McCarty 2009 Mug Shot
Seth McCarty 2009 Mug Shot. Hernando County (Fla.) Sheriff's Office
Seth McCarty, 18, and Joel Rivera, 19, were charged with desecration of a grave after allegedly stealing a skull from a tomb at Florida's Spring Hill Cemetery.
A 52-year-old Montenegrin man paid for a casket in cash, wrote out his obituary, and shot himself in the head. He didn't die, however. The bullet missed his brain. Adding insult to non-fatal injury, the funeral home refused to give him a refund.
With temperatures below zero, a 51-year-old electrician sleepwalked out of his home in underwear. Investigators say alcohol and Ambien may be to blame. H was found 190 feet from his Wisconsin home.
A 90 year old Chicago woman clearly has a hard time letting go. The skeletal remains of one of her three dead siblings, all found in her apartment, had been there at least 20 years.
California police say an 84-year-old woman was cremated on a makeshift barbecue by her daughter and grandson. She had apparently died of natural causes, and family members allegedly conspired to collect $25,000 in retirement payments.

Golfer's Ashes Poured in Sand Trap

Fanatical Golfer Jim Long's final resting spot is the 10th green at Tampa's Dunedin Country Club.
A Seattle man admitted in court that he lured his wife to the garage, saying he had set up a haunted house for Halloween, before blindfolding her and slipping a noose around her neck. He allegedly told the woman it was "better than getting a divorce."
In The Godfather, Don Corleone's feared assassin eventually "sleeps with the fishes." In real life, convicted murder Gene Hathorn's body will be chopped up into goldfish food as part of an "art installation" on capital punishment.
“This room is usually filled with sadness and contemplation, but today it is filled with joy,” the Rev. Greg Prather said as he married Jason and Rachel Storm. Some guests were hesitant to attend. But, in the end, it was understandable. Mr. Storm is a funeral director.

'Dead Man' Wakes Up in Morgue

Rumors of a landslide in India triggered a stampede that left 17-year-old Mange Ram among the hundreds killed -- or so it was believed.
An angler's dying wish has been fulfilled, and his remains have been turned into fish food.
The family of Lillian Grogan expected to view the embalmed remains of the 91-year-old woman. Instead, they said they found another woman wearing the grandmother's dress and her favorite bracelet.
The cost of living might be going up everywhere, but the cost of dying is getting cheaper in Malta, as the state cracks down on the hearse cartel, which hadn't issued a new license in 36 years.
The family of Meredith Smith of Indianapolis placed some of his cremated remains in the shell of fireworks to be used at the city's 2008 July 4th show. Smith's family started the event nearly 40 years ago, and it was the man's wish to go out with a bang.
By a margin of 23 votes, Neculai Ivascu won the mayoral race in a small Romanian village over Ghoerghe Dobrescu, and, unlike Ivascu, he got to vote for himself, because he's alive.

Crisp End for Pringles Inventor
What's the ideal urn for Fredrick J. Baur, inventor of the Pringles potato chip packaging system? One of his iconic cans, of course. He follows other inventors who decided their final act would be to honor their contribution to pop culture.

Sick Man Wins Bet to Stay Alive

Doctors told terminally ill Jon Matthews "don't make any plans for Christmas," but the man stricken with Mesothelioma won the wager of a lifetime.
In a class action suit, more than 1,0000 families are suing undertakers, claiming their relatives body parts were harvested and sold for medical use without consent.
Over the last 14 years, Wan Fngxia, a 75-year-old woman from China, has written more than 500 letter to her dead husband, according to the Beijing Morning Post. She recently gave him updates on the Beijing Olympics. Wan says she started writing the letters because she didn't want to bore her friends, and has recently donated a collection of the letters to a museum.
The Mayor of a village in the Sarpourenx France has told the town's 260 residents that if you don't already own a plot at the local cemetery, you are "forbidden from dying in the parish." The new ordinance maintains: "Offenders will be severely punished."
The remains of a 76-year-old New Zealand woman had been loaded on a hearse when a fight broke out between family members and an estranged daughter drove off with her mother's corpse in an SUV. A police roadblock failed to nab the body snatcher.
Piotr Kucy is not dead, he says so himself, but government records say otherwise, and he can't seem to prove to the right Polish bureaucrats that he exists.
When Feliberto Carrasco's family found his cold, limb body, they were convinced the octogenarian had passed away, so they called a funeral home, not a doctor. Big mistake.
At $146, you'd have to be a bone head to pass up this bargain.
Every year, three red roses and half a bottle of cognac are left at the grave of America's most ghoulish writer.

Austrian Woman Lived for Months With Dead Partner

Even a hopeless romantic admits that a time comes when you have to give up on your boyfriend -- and that time is when his body starts to decompose.
In India, death is part of life, and at this restaurant, it's also part of lunch.

Widow Takes Husband's Ashes to NFL Game

At least when he was alive, Richard Desrosiers never made it to Heinz Field to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers. Finally, the cremated football fan got to watch his beloved team, at least from his urn.
Etos-TV, backed by the German Undertakers' Association, is hitting the air. Wake your kids up early for their Saturday "mourning" cartoons!
What better way is there to greet each day than with a model in skimpy outfits relaxing on a funeral casket? You've got to love those calendar ghouls.
Over the last 14 years, Wan Fngxia, a 75-year-old woman from China, has written more than 500 letter to her dead husband, according to the Beijing Morning Post. She recently gave him updates on the Beijing Olympics. Wan says she started writing the letters because she didn't want to bore her friends, and has recently donated a collection of the letters to a museum.