How to Conjugate the French '-re' Verb 'Mordre' ('to Bite')

Mordre, pronounced "mohr dra," is a French -re verb that means "to bite, grip, eat into, mesh, be taken in by, make a dent in, overlap." Mordre is a regular transitive verb. Scroll down to see a table showing all simple conjugations of mordre; the table does not include compound tenses, which consist of the conjugated auxiliary verb avoir and the past participle mordu.

Expressions and Usage

  • mordre un fruit > to bite into a piece of fruit
  • se faire mordre > to get bitten
  • il s'est fait mordre à la main > he was bitten on the hand
  • mordre la ligne > to cross the white line
  • Ça ne mord pas beaucoup par ici. > The fish aren't biting much around here.
  • mordre (à l'appât) / à l'hameçon > to rise (to the bait), to bite
  • il / ça n'a pas mordu. > He wasn't taken in. / He didn't fall for it.
  • Mordre à > to be hooked by, to be taken in by, to fall
  • Mordre dans > to bite into
  • Mordre sur > to cross a line, to make a dent in your bills, to overlap periods
  • Le stage mordra sur la deuxième semaine de mars. > The course will continue into the second week in March.
  • se mordre (transitive pronominal) la langue > to bite one's tongue
  • Je m'en suis mordu les doigts. (figurative) > I could have kicked myself.
  • Il va s'en mordre les doigts. > He'll be sorry he did it. / He'll live to regret it.
  • se mordre la queue > to chase one's tale, to go around in circles

How to Conjugate 'Mordre'

Mordre is conjugated like all other regular -re verbs, which are a small group of French verbs that share conjugation patterns in all tenses and moods.

There are five main kinds of verbs in French: regular -er, -ir, -re; stem-changing; and irregular.  The smallest category of regular French verbs is -re verbs.

How to Conjugate '-re' Verbs

Remove the -re ending of the infinitive to reveal the verb's stem, then add the regular -re endings to the stem. For instance, to conjugate an -re verb in the present tense, remove the infinitive ending and add the present-tense endings to the stem.

Other Common French '-re' Verbs

Here are some of the most common regular -re verbs:

  • attendre > to wait (for)
  • défendre > to defend
  • descendre > to descend
  • entendre > to hear
  • étendre > to stretch
  • fondre > to melt
  • pendre > to hang, suspend
  • perdre > to lose
  • prétendre > to claim
  • rendre > to give back, return
  • répandre > to spread, scatter
  • répondre > to answer
  • vendre > to sell

Simple Conjugations of the French Regular '-re' Verb 'Mordre'

Present Future Imperfect Present participle
je mords mordrai mordais mordant
tu mords mordras mordais
il mord mordra mordait
nous mordons mordrons mordions
vous mordez mordrez mordiez
ils mordent mordront mordaient
Subjunctive Conditional Passé simple Imperfect subjunctive
je morde mordrais mordis mordisse
tu mordes mordrais mordis mordisses
il morde mordrait mordit mordît
nous mordions mordrions mordîmes mordissions
vous mordiez mordriez mordîtes mordissiez
ils mordent mordraient mordirent mordissent
tu mords
nous mordons
vous mordez
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