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Submitted by: Rockergrrl727

Rocket fans, let's hear it!
Stand up and show your spirit!

Submitted by: Cara

Our team is what - DYNAMITE
Our team is what - DYNAMITE
Our team is tick, tick, tick, tick
Your team is what - DYNAMITE
Your team is what - DYNAMITE
Your team is tick, tick, tick, tick
Boom Yeah Right!
Hold up, wait a minute, You ain't got no Boom it!

GO GO __________GO GO

My name is, my name is, my name is_____________
Our name is, our name is, our name is the____________
That's our name and we got fame.

Brick wall, Waterfall
Girl you think you got it all...
But you don't....
Un, un cause I do.

Football is our game, and _____________ Is our name
We got winning on our mind and Wooh we're lookin' fine

Totally for sure
Totally freak me out, I mean right on
____________Sure are #1

What do you do to_________That you meet
You get down on your knees and back away a few feet.
And you ask that you might_____________For your mercy to live
And maybe just maybe, he'll let you live

Submitted by: Cutiepie

Tiger got that T-N-T
T-N-T That's all we need
To blow your mind

Submitted by: Brittany

Bbbuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrr it's cold out here, there must be some Bobcats in the atmosphere
Bbbuuuuuuuurrrrrrr it's cold out here, there must be some Bobcats in the atmosphere
I said oh-eoh-eoh ice ice ice
Slow oh-eoh-eoh ice ice ice

Submitted by: Megan

Go, Go
Get em, get em,
And when you got em~beat em

Submitted by: BaByGrL

We don't mess around uh uh.
We don't mess around NO WAY!
We don't mess around, we just uh-get down.

Submitted by: Yelena

(xx) indicates claps
Better than the best (xx)
Were CHS (X)
Coming on strong (1,2)
To take you down
Cause big blue's (snap x)
Back in town (4 count jump)
You better watch ur back (x)
Cause big blue's (X) On the attack!

Submitted by: Vera

We are the Eagles 2x
We're the best all around 2x
So come on maroon and gold
Come on maroon and gold
Bring the house down
Bring the house down

Submitted by: Mikayla

We're the Badest,
We're the Meanest,
We're the toughest around
Hornets, Hornets (clap clap clap)
Mark it down!

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