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The Morris surname has several possible origins:

  1. As an English or Scottish surname, Morris may have originated as Maurice, an Old French personal name derived from the Latin Mauritius, a given name itself derived from the Old French more (Latin maurus), meaning "moorish" or "dark, swarthy." In this respect, it was often a nickname given to someone with dark skin. Morris may also have derived as an Anglicized form of the Welsh personal name Meurig, also from the Latin Mauritius.
  2. Possibly an Anglicized form of the ancient Irish name Ó Muirgheasa (variant Ó Muirghis), a personal name thought to derive from muir, meaning "sea" and geas, meaning "taboo" or "prohibition."
  3. Morris may also have originated as a variant of the German Moritz, or as an Americanized form of other like-sounding Jewish surnames.

Morris is the 56th most popular surname in the United States. Morris is also popular in England, coming in as the 32nd most common surname.

Surname Origin: English, Irish, Scottish


Famous People With the MORRIS Surname

  • Robert Morris Jr. - American merchant and banker known as the financier of the American Revolution
  • William Morris - American theatrical agent who founded the William Morris Agency, one of the foremost theatrical agencies in the U.S.
  • Lewis Morris - American landowner and developer, and signatory of the Declaration of Independence
  • Margaretta Morris - American entomologist
  • William Morris - British writer and artist; one of the principal founders of the British Arts and Crafts Movement

Where Is the MORRIS Surname Most Common?

According to surname distribution from Forebears, Morris is the 805th most common surname in the world—found most prevalently in the United States, where it ranks 54th, but also very common in Liberia (17th), Wales (18th), England (39th), Jamaica (46th) and Australia (55th).

Surname maps from WorldNames PublicProfiler also show the Price surname is especially common in Wales, as well as in the West Midlands region of England. Within the United States, Price is most common in the state of North Carolina, followed by South Carolina and West Virginia.

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