The 20 Most Common French Words

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If you want to learn French, of course, it's important to study grammar, such as the rules for conjugating verbs, and practicing French dialogues is also vital. Just as important, however, is learning the most common French words.

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Top 10 Most Common French Words

Here are the top 10 most common French words.

1) le, la, l', les: the

2) être: to be

3) avoir:  to have

4) de:  of, from

5) un, une, des:  a, an, some

6) je:  I

7) il / ils*:  he, it / they

8) ce:  this

9) pas:  not

10) à:  to, in

*We would have listed il and ils separately, but they were combined in the source document.

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Top French Words: 11-20

11) et: and

12) on: one, you, we

13) vous:  you

14) ça: this, that

15) que:   that

16) ne:   not

17) faire:   to do, make

18) qui:   who/what

19) oui:   yes

20) alors:   then, so


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