Strong Bases List

What Are the Strong Bases?

Sodium hydroxide
Sodium hydroxide is a good example of a strong base. Sodium hydroxide is also known as lye or caustic soda. Its molecular formula is NaOH. Ben Mills / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

Strong bases are bases which completely dissociate in water into the cation and OH- (hydroxide ion). The hydroxides of the Group I and Group II metals usually are considered to be strong bases. Here is a list of the most common strong bases.

  • LiOH - lithium hydroxide
  • NaOH - sodium hydroxide
  • KOH - potassium hydroxide
  • RbOH - rubidium hydroxide
  • CsOH - cesium hydroxide
  • *Ca(OH)2 - calcium hydroxide
  • *Sr(OH)2 - strontium hydroxide
  • *Ba(OH)2 - barium hydroxide
* These bases completely dissociate in solutions of 0.01 M or less. The other bases make solutions of 1.0 M and are 100% dissociated at that concentration. There are other strong bases than those listed, but they are not often encountered.