Top 10 Most Popular Italian Baby Names for Girls

Couple and daughter holding hands on pelican crossing in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
Couple and daughter holding hands on pelican crossing in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. Roberto Peri / Getty Images

Just like you'll meet a lot of women named “Barbara”, “Sara”, or “Nancy”, when you start to meet women in Italy, it's likely you're going to hear the same names over and over again. 

Which names for females are the most popular though, and what do they mean?

L’ISTAT, the National Institute for Statistics in Italy, ran a study that resulted in the ten most popular names in Italy. You can read the names for the girls below along with their English translations, origins, and name days.

10 Most Popular Italian Names for Girls

1.) Alice

English equivalent: Alice, Alicia

Origin: Derived from Aalis or Alis, French version of a Germanic name later Latinized into Alicia

Name Day/Onomastico: June 13—in memory of St. Alice of Cambre, died in 1250

2.) Aurora

English equivalent: Dawn

Origin: Derived from the Latin word aurora, of Indo-European origin, meaning "luminous, dazzling." Adopted in the Medieval Ages as a common name, meaning "as beautiful and luminous as the dawn"

Name Day/Onomastico: October 20—in memory of St. Aurora

3.) Chiara

English equivalent: Clair, Claire, Clara, Clare

Origin: Derived from the Latin common name formed from the adjective clarus "luminous, clear" and in the figurative sense "illustrious, famous"

Name Day/Onomastico: August 11—in memory of St. Chiara of Assisi, founder of the Poor Clares order of nuns

4.) Emma

English equivalent: Emma

Origin: Derived from the ancient German Amme and means "nourisher"

Name Day/Onomastico: April 19—in memory of St. Emma of Gurk (died 1045)

5.) Giorgia

English equivalent: Georgia

Origin: A natural continuation from the latin name “Georgius” during the imperial age and can be derived from Latin to mean “worker of the land” or “farmer”

Name Day/Onomastico: April 23 —in memory of San Giorgio di Lydda, martyred for failing to refuse his Christian faith

Related Name/Other Italian Forms: feminine form of Giorgio

6.) Giulia

English equivalent: Julia, Julie

Origin: From the Latin surname Iulius, probably a derivative of Iovis "Jupiter"

Name Day/Onomastico: May 21—in memory of St. Julia the Virgin, martyred in Corsica in 450 for refusing to participate in a pagan ritual

Related Name/Other Italian Forms: feminine form of Giulio

7.) Greta

English equivalent: Greta

Origin: Truncated form of Margaret, name of Swedish origin. Became a common first name in Italy as a result of the popularity of the Swedish actress Greta Garbo

Name Day/Onomastico: November 16—in memory of St. Margaret of Scotland

8.) Martina

English equivalent: Martina

Origin: Derived from the Latin Martinus and means "dedicated to Mars"

Name Day/Onomastico: November 11—together with St. Martin

Related Name/Other Italian Forms: feminine form of Martino

9.) Sara

English equivalent: Sally, Sara, Sarah

Origin: Derived from the Hebrew Sarah and means "princess"

Name Day/Onomastico: October 9—in memory of St. Sara, wife of Abraham

10.) Sofia

English equivalent: Sophia

Origin: Derived from the Greek Sophìa meaning "wisdom"

Name Day/Onomastico: September 30